Sunscreen & Tanning Brand Carroten to Expand Product Range After 62% Sales Growth in 2023

Carroten, a Greek brand of tanning and sunscreen products, will expand its innovative product range in Georgia following impressive sales growth of 62% in 2023.

“To achieve this, we aim to increase product placement in both online and traditional channels. This will enable us to showcase a wider range of products in an even more attractive manner in our stores,” Eka Maghlaperidze, head of marketing at Libo Group, a marketing, sales and distribution company that handles Carroten in Georgia, told us.

The carrot-based composition of Carroten has been associated with safe and natural tanning for 44 years, maintaining the health and beauty of their customers’ skin on the international market, including Georgia, where the brand has been represented by a variety of products for five years now.

Q. In your opinion, what is the reason for the increasing popularity and success of Carroten in Georgia?

A. I believe that the first and foremost factor contributing to the success of any product is its quality. The same applies to Carroten, whose success can be attributed to its exceptional quality.

Carroten is a Greek brand that has been in existence for 41 years. Its products fully comply with the European Union recommendations for sun protection products and are made using cutting-edge technology. Carroten’s range of sunscreen products boasts a four-level enhanced protection system (UVB+UVA+VL+IRA), which provides broad-spectrum protection against sunlight and helps prevent premature aging and other skin damage.

The brand’s products are enriched with moisturizing agents that enhance the skin’s natural ability to protect itself from the sun and maintain optimal moisture levels, which are crucial for both sunscreen and tanning products.

The marketing and PR activities we have carried out over the years are crucial for testing the growing popularity of our product, Carroten. These activities include appearing on TV shows, running active campaigns on social media and in magazines, collaborating with influencers, and more. We always plan our marketing activities with the principle of emphasizing our main values, such as reliability, modernity, fun, innovation, and impression.

Regarding the success of the brand, it is important to acknowledge the significant contribution of the employees who have actively participated in the development of the brand on the Georgian market, alongside foreign partners. The brand would not have achieved such success without the professionalism, selflessness, and tireless efforts of its employees.

Q. Carroten has won its second Golden Brand award in the category “favorite sunscreen and tanning” product. As this award is given to companies due to successful activities of the previous year, please share your impressions of 2023 with our readers.

A. Yes, Carroten maintained its Golden Brand status in 2023, which is a great achievement and reflects the brand’s success in this competitive market.

The past year was remarkable because the brand witnessed an increase in its sales and market share in Georgia. It was also a significant year for the brand because Libo Group introduced it to Armenia, its first time on that market.

As you know, Libo Group has been distributing products in Armenia for several years already.

I also want to highlight a surge in sales. Last year sales of Carroten increased by 62% compared to 2022. This is a crucial metric for measuring our development and success. Additionally, our market share increased and our products were placed more prominently in online and traditional channels compared to our competitors. This allowed us to showcase a wider range of products attractively in stores.

Q. The sales figures are impressive. Can you tell us the top-selling products of Carroten?

A. The most popular tanning products in Georgia are intensive tanning oils with sun protection factors SPF 0 and SPF 6. These oils accelerate the tanning process and help to achieve a deep, golden tan. However, they offer a rather low level of protection from the sun’s harmful rays. This tells us that many Georgians prioritize getting a tan over protecting their skin.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that sales of Carroten products with higher sun protection factors (SPF 20 and SPF 30) have increased between 2022 and 2023. This is a positive development, as it suggests that people are becoming more aware of the potential dangers of sun exposure.

Q. What is Carroten’s current market share in Georgia?

A. The brand currently holds approximately 42% of the market share in the sun protection product category. This figure has increased in comparison to the previous year. As a top brand, our aim is to enhance our market share consistently and acquire all shopping facilities to provide ease and convenience to customers for purchases.

Q. What is your personal favorite Carroten product?

A. Carroten products are available in a wide range, each having its own purpose. Depending on the situation, I use different Carroten products. For instance, if I want to get a tan, I prefer products that provide a combined effect. Such products protect us from the harmful effects of sunlight and help us get a safe tan simultaneously.

One of my favorite and most important products is the Sunscreen Detox Face Cream SPF 30. It has a smooth effect and can be used throughout the year, whether it is sunny or cloudy. The cream has a four-level enhanced protection system (UVB+UVA+VL*+IRA*) that effectively resists a wide range of sun rays. It also helps protect the skin from premature aging and other damage.

Therefore, I would recommend everyone use sunscreen to protect the skin from dehydration, damage, burns, pigmentation disorders, and to delay the skin aging process.

Q. What are the development goals at Libo Group?

A. As the official distributor of Carroten and many other global brands in Georgia, Libo Group strives to ensure a constant and diverse supply of products using modern logistics technologies. Additionally, we strive to provide our customers with discounts and gift sets while also strengthening long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships with other companies. To further increase brand awareness, we plan on carrying out larger marketing activities.