Nikoloz Machaladze, Director of the company
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ALL-P GROUP Director: “We strive to keep the lead position in Georgia, expand operations abroad”

ALL-P GROUP, a Georgian company providing a wide range of services with the latest flooring technologies

Dr. Vazha Vadachkoria- Clinic Director
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25 Years of Talizi at a Glance: ‘We are continuously developing, staying updated with global trends in hair transplantation’

Talizi has been providing the highest quality hair restoration services in Georgia for over 25 years

Ana Tskhadadze, AVON Georgia's Director,
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AVON  – A Story of Consistent Excellence

With an illustrious history dating back over a century, AVON has solidified its place as a global powerhouse in the beauty industry

Miranda Shurgaia, the Editor of Business Time
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Business Time Expanding with New Sections, Video Series

After undergoing a complete visual overhaul by changing design and updating their server, Business Time, a local media outlet with a focus on business and economy

Giorgi Trapaidze, the CEO of the company
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CEO of Advertising Company Alma:‘We have created quite a large and good advertising culture in Georgia’

For almost 30 years Alma has been the leading outdoor advertising company in Georgia, revolutionizing the country’s outdoor advertising industry with innovative campaigns.

Nino Zedginidze, Product Manager at Egis Pharmaceuticals
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Betadine® – Georgian Customers’ Favorite Antiseptic Wins Its First Golden Brand Award

Betadine®, a topical antiseptic that provides protection against a variety of infective agents in case of minor cuts

Eka Maghlaperidze, head of marketing at Libo Group
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Sunscreen & Tanning Brand Carroten to Expand Product Range After 62% Sales Growth in 2023

Carroten, a Greek brand of tanning and sunscreen products, will expand its innovative product range in Georgia following impressive sales growth of 62% in 2023.

Goga Samushia, Director of Commersant
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Commersant to Offer Automated Digital Content Recording with AI Technology

Commersant, Georgia’s first business radio station, has been making waves in the industry by integrating fascinating technology

Giorgi Iosava - Director of the company
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Croco Wins Golden Brand For Producing Georgian Customers’ “Favorite Crackers”

The Romanian cracker brand Croco, available in circle, triangle and square shapes with flavors such as pizza, cheese, sesame and poppy seed

Vakhtang Tediashvili, the Chief Executive Director of GCSG
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Georgian Cranes Service Group Becomes Regional Representative of Chinese Tower Cranes company ZTM

Georgian Cranes Service Group, a company providing tower crane services, has become a regional representative of the Chinese ZTM Tower Cranes company