Betadine® – Georgian Customers’ Favorite Antiseptic Wins Its First Golden Brand Award

Betadine®, a topical antiseptic that provides protection against a variety of infective agents in case of minor cuts, scrapes, burns other wounds has been recognized as a favorite antiseptic solution by Georgian customers in the Golden Brand Awards survey.

In addition to customers, experts from different fields who participated in the survey also recognized Betadine® in this category, leading the brand to its first Golden Brand award.

Nino Zedginidze, Product Manager at Egis Pharmaceuticals, a Hungarian company that distributes Betadine® in Georgia, talked about the reasons behind the brand’s success in the local market in this interview with Golden Brand.

Q. Betadine® was named the winner of the ‘Antiseptics’ category and was the favorite brand of Golden Brand respondents. What do you think led to the brand’s success and recognition in our market?

A. Betadine® is a globally recognized brand known for its effectiveness as an antiseptic. It is Iodine that doesn’t burn! And it has remained stable for many years in its ability to fight infections.

It was expected that Betadine® would win the Golden Brand award given its popularity among the medical community and the public.

Q. Please tell us about the history and development of Betadine® in Georgia.

A. Betadine® was firstly introduced to Georgia in the early 1990s by a local pharmaceutical company PSP. At the time, European medicines were considered a luxury for Georgian consumers. I am glad that Egis Pharmaceuticals was the company that introduced Betadine® as a unique product to both the medical community and consumers alike.

Currently, Betadine® solution, vaginal suppositories, ointment, and liquid soap are available in our country.

Q. What are the main characteristics of Betadine®?

A. I will briefly tell you the history of Betadine®. Iodine’s antiseptic properties were discovered in 1811 and since then it has been widely used in medicine. Later a new compound known as Povidone-iodine was created. This made it possible to maintain the disinfecting property of Iodine while increasing its stability and reducing the absorption of Iodine by the body. Povidone allows for a gradual release of Iodine, improving its effectiveness when applied to wounds. Unlike ordinary Iodine, Povidone-iodine does not contain alcohol and therefore is not toxic, and does not burn, so it can be used even on open wounds.

Due to its antiseptic, bactericidal, antifungal, and antiviral properties, Betadine® has become highly popular among doctors and patients for its effectiveness against various microorganisms.

Povidone-iodine is an important antiseptic included in the World Health Organization’s list of essential medicines.

I’m sure there is no family in Georgia without Betadine® in their medical box. It is an essential treatment for wounds caused by household accidents for both kids and adults.

In addition, Betadine® is the best for preparation of surgical field, during and after various surgical and gynecological manipulations. Betadine® ointment is used to treat bedsores, ulcers, and purulent wounds, and Betadine® suppositories – for the treatment of vaginal infection of any etiology.

Unlike other antiseptics, Betadine® does not lead to the development of resistance. Also, Betadine’s® high safety profile enables its listing as an over-the-counter drug.

Q. Egis Pharmaceuticals cooperates with PSP. Is it the only pharmacy where Betadine® is available?

A. Egis has been collaborating with PSP and other major pharmacy chains for years. Betadine is available at every pharmacy throughout the country.

Q. What are the latest developments at Egis Pharmaceuticals and what are the future plans?

A. We have registered more than 60 products in 160 forms in Georgia. Last year we introduced very much demanded psychoneurological medicine, Fluoxetine, to the medical community.

The financial year 2023-24 was an especially meaningful year for the Georgian representation of Egis. In 2023, the Egis factory will celebrate its 110th anniversary, while in 2024, its representative office in Georgia will complete 25 years of activity.

During this period, our team has faced various challenges and achieved successes.

Our company has been introducing innovative, high-quality medications to Georgia’s pharmaceutical market at affordable prices for all social strata.

Egis portfolio is constantly growing and developing. This year, two new cardio-metabolic products will be introduced, Vildagliptin and Rivaroxaban.

All of Egis’ decisions are patient oriented. The company stands out with high sense of social responsibility and always pursues its primary mission ⁠— “We devote all our knowledge to serve people, enabling them to lead long and healthy lives.”