Gino Aquapark in Tbilisi: Rebranding and Renovation in Summer 2024

After 10 years of success, Gino Aquapark, the largest aquapark in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi is heading into summer 2024 with a major rebranding and renovation. Located near Tbilisi Sea, Gino Aquapark is getting a fresh new look with improved services, updated infrastructure, and new offers.

The recreation and wellness center operates throughout the year and offers a wide variety of recreation and entertainment. This summer, though, guests will be able to enjoy a completely new and improved experience. Gino Aquapark is one of the most popular destinations in the city, and with these renovations, it aims to solidify its position as the go-to destination for family fun and relaxation.

The aquapark includes a sports and recreation complex, nine pools, water rides, wellness and spa lounges in the VIP area, a private seating garden, a fitness room, a hotel, and a swimming academy. This diverse space is designed for customers of all ages. In the aquapark, guests will find a colorful, well-furnished, and fun environment that will allow them to unwind, be filled with positive energy, and spend a happy day with friends or family.

As the winner of the Golden Brand award in the category of favorite health and recreation center, Gino Aquapark Executive Director, Tea Leshkasheli, joined us to discuss all the latest developments at the aquapark.

Q. Gino Aquapark has plenty of new features for the summer season. Please share these exciting updates with our readers.

A. We place great emphasis on customer satisfaction and service improvement. We prioritize providing fast and convenient service in our area. During the summer season, we host up to 2500 people, and we are currently planning to implement technological changes to ensure more efficient service.

We have updated our menu, introduced new cuisines, and focused on healthy food. This year we are excited to offer Mexican cuisine at our resort. The food will be made at the pools, with a grill conveniently located nearby for fast and delicious service to our guests. At the spa and wellness area, we offer healthy food options, including smoothies.

During the summer, we have extended our working hours to accommodate guests who would like to have dinner, relax, and then head home. The spa and wellness area will be open until 11:00 PM, and the kitchen will be open until 10:00 PM.

We also have some exciting news to share: we have our own brewery and will be offering our very own branded beer, called Gino beer.

We have also made system changes and updated internal programs to enhance our service. Soon, we will launch a loyalty program to reward our frequent guests. Our loyal customers are very important to us, and we are grateful for their support. We have customers who have been visiting us since our opening, and their loyalty is impressive. We are planning to introduce an electronic assessment system as one of the changes.

Gino aquapark is turning 10 years old this year. We have around 20 employees who have been with us since before the opening of it. Our employees’ loyalty is as impressive as our customers’. We have about 100 employees who have been working with us for over five years.

This year we are renovating the wave pool, one of our most popular attractions. We will replace the existing cover with an anti-slip cover, ensuring the safety of our guests. We are making significant investments to bring this favorite pool up to date.

We will be making the outdoor area greener for our guests.

Q. What does Gino Aquapark offer its guests?

A. In terms of what we offer to customers, we have a unique birthday offer for children, which includes entertainment programs with animators. This offer is not available anywhere else in the South Caucasus. Children can leave their handprints with us, and many come back just to find theirs. It is a delightful experience for them, and we are always pleased to see them happy.

We offer various spa and wellness services, including unique saunas with wellness programs such as steam, Finnish, and a small hammam. We also have a tepidarium, which is heated stone seats invented by the Romans. In addition, we have a space called Excellent that you can rent for your personal experience. It features a beer barrel sauna, where you can sit in a sauna saturated with hot beer extracts while enjoying cold beer.

We also have Cleopatra baths, where you can enjoy 24 karat gold, chocolate, or wine baths. Different types of showers and saunas, including an ice sauna cryo that is interesting for athletes, are available in this space. There is also a small open area at the front where you can get a tan, with a large jacuzzi nearby. All of these features make Excellent an amazing space for parties. Our massage therapists are also worth mentioning – those who experience our massages always come back.

We have a relaxing indoor pool that is my personal favorite. It includes three types of jacuzzi that offer a massaging effect. The unique product we have is a huge jacuzzi in the shape of a ship, which provides an extraordinary relaxation experience. It has its own bar, two terraces, and is an ideal place for private parties.

Lastly, Gino is available for customers year-round.

Q. What potential for further development do you see for Gino?

A. We have a beautiful beach and aim to make this location appealing for weddings and to utilize the entire space to its fullest potential. And our aquapark has tremendous potential, and we are committed to making it a success.

Q. What is the price policy of Gino?

A. During the winter, we offered 1+1 promotions as we value our customers’ requests and maintain flexibility in pricing. Weekday rates were lower, while weekend rates were higher due to increased traffic. In the summer we plan to implement a flexible floating price system, where, the earlier customers purchase tickets, the cheaper the rates will be.

Currently, we are integrating our booking system with our internal system, which will enable direct entry of bookings into our system.

Q. What led Gino to win the Golden Brand award, in your opinion?

A. Gino has a unique concept that has been noticed and appreciated by our customers. As I mentioned earlier, we have many loyal customers and it was no surprise for us to be named their favorite brand. This customer loyalty has helped us continue operating despite the pandemic and other challenges. In the off-season we receive around 500-600 customers per day. In the first quarter, we have already seen a 30% increase in the number of guests, and we are working towards further growth.