Carte Noire: A Success Story on the Georgian Coffee Market

In the competitive world of coffee brands, Carte Noire has emerged as a standout, particularly in the Georgian market, where the brand won a domestic business award, the Golden Brand, in the category of ‘favorite coffee’.

We had the opportunity to speak with Kakha Murachashvili, General Manager of Jacobs Douwe Egberts Georgia, and Gvantsa Gabunia, Senior Brand Manager, Caucasus, to gain insights into Carte Noire’s success and future plans for both the brand and Jacobs Douwe Egberts in the country.

Gvantsa Gabunia, Senior Brand Manager
Gvantsa Gabunia, Senior Brand Manager

Q. Carte Noire has become a winner of the Golden Brand Award. How do you believe this success was achieved?

Kakha Murachashvili: Firstly, the success of this brand is incredibly rewarding. It is the result of the selfless work of the entire team. Each team member is a seasoned professional in the FMCG sector with many years of experience. The most crucial aspect is that the individuals involved in building this brand approach their work not as mere employees of the company, but rather invest their heart and soul into it as if it were their own endeavor.

The Georgian consumer is coffee expert and has high standards for its quality. Carte Noire coffee meets these standards with its superior quality and distinctive, exquisite taste. This is why the brand is beloved by Georgian consumers, as evidenced by its growing sales dynamic  year over year.

Q. What makes Carte Noire outstanding coffee?

Gvantsa Gabunia: Carte Noire is known for its outstanding coffee due to its impeccable quality standards and adherence to French traditions. Our expert coffee craftsmen carefully select and blend different types of coffee beans to create the exquisite  and unique taste that our consumers  love.

Q. Since when has Carte Noire been in Georgia and how has it been developing on the market?

Kakha Murachashvili: Carte Noire has been present in Georgia for 20 years. Initially, the brand was only available in the instant coffee category. Consumers quickly embraced Carte Noire coffee due to its high quality, exquisite  taste, and French origin. Over the years, the brand expanded its portfolio and introduced a wide range of formats and flavors, not only in instant coffee but also in other coffee categories such as coffee mixes, ground coffee, and coffee beans.  In each category, the brand offers consumers different flavors to meet various taste preferences as much as possible.

Q. Since when has Jacobs Douwe Egberts been operating in Georgia and what is the company’s commitment to the Georgian consumers?

Kakha Murachashvili: JDE is world’s leading pure-play coffee and tea company, headquartered in The Netherlands. For more than 265 years, JDE has been inspired by the belief that it’s amazing what can happen over a cup of coffee. Today, JDE unleashes the possibilities of coffee and tea in more than 100 countries, through a portfolio of over 50 brands including L’OR, Jacobs, Senseo, Tassimo, Douwe Egberts, Pickwick and Moccona. 

Jacobs Douwe Egberts has been operating in Georgia since 2015, offering a wide range of brands to coffee and tea enthusiasts  such as Jacobs, Carte Noire, Maxwell House, Pickwick, and Piazza D’ORO. The company is committed to providing innovative and high-quality products to Georgian consumers. Additionally, it focuses on the sale and service of professional coffee machines and related products.

Q. What are the future plans for both Jacobs Douwe Egberts and Carte Noire?

Gvantsa Gabunia: Today, Jacobs Douwe Egberts in Georgia not only offers high-quality coffee products with unique taste and aroma, but also caters to tea consumers. 

In 2023, the company introduced European, high-quality Pickwick tea to the Georgian market. This tea range includes classic black and green teas, as well as flavored black, fruit, and herbal teas. 

We are committed to staying updated with the trends in the Georgian coffee and tea market and strive to offer our consumers innovative, high-quality products in various coffee and tea categories. 

One of our latest innovation introduced in 2023 is extra fine grind coffee Carte Noire Cezve, which is dedicated product for Georgian market and Turkish coffee lovers.  Carte Noire Cezve with its exquisite  taste and aroma, takes  traditional oriental coffee lovers on a journey to the Middle East.