Frosch Wins Golden Brand For Favorite Household Washing & Cleaning Products

Frosch, pioneer in the development and manufacturing of environment-friendly cleaning and care products, has been a success story in Georgia for 19 years.

Bent Melzer, Director of International Sales and Market Development at Consumer Division of the Werner & Mertz company, said that Frosch is poised to keep pace with the dynamic growth of the Georgian market.

“A visible part of the Georgian population is tuned in to ecological topics, which will attract them to Frosch. At that stage, we at Frosch expect a healthy and sustainable growth of the brand in Georgia to continue along the current high double-digit level – but to make this happen, of course, global crises and problems should not worsen.”

Q. In household washing and cleaning products Frosch has been nominated the favorite brand at Golden Brand Awards. How did the brand achieve this recognition? 

A. Frosch became a relevant and favorite brand in Germany and many countries within Europe due to its strong commitment to our planet. Frosch has always been a pioneer in sustainability by making its formulas “greener” through using only plant-based surfactants with a quick and complete biodegradability. Furthermore, Frosch swapped the oil base of those surfactants from tropical to European sources, supporting climate protection in this way.

Frosch was also the first cleaning brand to use 100% recycled plastics (PET & PE), so full-cycle packaging materials is a commitment for us.

Frosch has always been very transparent in these achievements and always showed its drive towards protecting resources and the planet, building up the highest credibility and trust in Frosch over the past two decades.

The following charts show this comprehensively:

FROSCH is rated No.1 globally for the category of ecological Cleaners and Detergents  

Most ecological brand offers globally (all categories consumption & services):

Rank    Brand                      Market                Category        

  1        The Body Shop            UK                     Cosmetics

  2        Natura                       Brazil                  Cosmetics

  4        NativaSpa                   Brazil                 Cosmetics       

  5        ASN Bank                   Netherlands      Financial Services

  6        Yves Rocher                France              Cosmetics

  7        SeventhGeneration     USA                  Cleaners & Detergents

  8        Ecover                           UK                   Cleaners & Detergents

  9        Alverde                       Germany           Cosmetics

10        Triodos Bank              Netherlands      Financial Services

Q. What is the core value, purpose and promise of Frosch as a brand?

A. Frosch offers state-of-the-art cleaning power that comes with 360° eco-friendliness. All Frosch products contain the unique “NaturalForce”-formula for highly efficient, yet skin-friendly cleaning. On top of that, and based on more than 35 years of experience in the demanding German eco-cleaning market, Frosch pursues a unique 360° eco-philosophy. The highest environmental standards are not only applied to the ingredients and their biodegradability, but also to packaging, manufacturing and recycling.

The final proofs of Frosch’s promises are the 9 reasons to believe:

9 RTBs of FROSCH – a commitment to sustainability

1. Natural efficiency formula with natural ingredients to underline cleaning and care properties. 2. With surfactants from renewable plant-based origin – with high and fast biodegradability.  3. Advanced skin friendliness of dermatologically tested formulas. Minimized use of mild preservatives and carefully selected perfumes or entire abandonment.   4. Free from microplastics, formaldehyde, EDTA and halogenorganic compounds. image-4 5. Reduced and cycle-oriented usage of packagings with recycled/recyclable materialsimage-5 6. Vegan, free from animal derived ingredients.image-5  7. Sustainable manufacturing with active environmental / energy management as EMAS, ISO 14001 or 50001.image-9 8. Own water treatment plant to ensure top-level hygienics of our products as well as best possible wastewater pre-treatment.image-9 9. Pioneer in the development and manufacturing of environment-friendly cleaning and care products – since 1986. image-9

Q. When did Frosch come to Georgia and how did the brand develop on the Georgian market?

A. Frosch started in Georgia in 2005 – modestly at first, but we developed quite rapidly. The focus back then was, and still is today in part, manual dishwashing and liquid laundry detergent. From the very beginning, Frosch’s emphasis was also on skin care and corresponding products, so Frosch Baby loomed large in our assortment and has been instrumental in building our brand here.

In 2018 Frosch added automatic dishwasher products, in particular tabs, an engine of growth for the brand here.

Frosch offers hand dishwashing or automatic dishwashing, all purpose cleaning (sanitary and toilet cleaners, glass cleaners, scourers, floor cleaners, grease removers and others), laundry care (fabric detergents, softeners, stain removers), cosmetic (hand soap, shower gel), air fresheners,and  Frosch Baby products.

Q. What are the most popular products from Frosch in Georgia and what are the key reasons for the brand’s popularity, in your opinion?

A. Frosch’s top five items in Georgia are:

Green Lemon Hand Dishwashing Liquids (sold in sizes 500 ml and 1 L) – important because our customers start with hand dishwashing when they turn to eco-products.

Next is the pH-skin neutral All-Purpose Cleaner (1 L). All three of these items are green in color – which supports our green positioning. All items fully offer a gentle and skin-friendly way of cleaning.

Our Baby Laundry liquid Detergent 1,5 L is an item that is indispensable for retailers in Georgia, as it also follows our guideline of gentleness and thus fuels the brand’s reputation.

The Automatic Baking Soda Dishwasher Tabs are also a significant part of our product assortment.

Our current sales development is proof of this strategy!

Q. How does Frosch deal with competitors in the market and what part of the market does it currently own?

A. Our policies regarding full-cycle and sustainability combined with quality and commitment define the base of our brand communication. Frosch is able to address consumers with all its content in using social media and point of sale operations.

This has generated a loyal consumption base for Frosch. Measuring this in terms of market share for Georgia, we can say that we have reached about half of the share which we generated in Germany (in half of the time), which is a big success and a concrete base for all future brand activity in Georgia.

Frosch is thus able to set quality standards for all its relevant competitors in Georgia.

Our German quality is not just a marketing story, it is a fact that forms the foundation of all our product promises.