From One Man’s Dream to Golden Brand Company: 25 Years of History of Georgian Cranes Service Group

Georgian Cranes Service Group (GCSG) has achieved its goal of becoming the leading tower crane service provider in Georgia by winning the Golden Brand award this year.

GCSG has been delivering outstanding services to construction companies in Georgia for 25 years.

Vakhtang Tediashvili, Chief Executive Director, shared their “history of excellence” with Golden Brand ⁠— from one man’s dream to Georgia’s most successful crane service provider.

Q. Georgian Cranes Service Group has become customers’ favorite tower crane service provider. What led the company to this success, in your opinion?

A. First of all, on behalf of our company we would like to express our gratitude to the experts and customers who participated in the survey and voted for our company.

Years ago, I combined my 25-year experience in the field of tower cranes into one company with an experienced team and named it Georgian Cranes Service Group. We have provided various technical services to 95 companies, and we are proud of all the projects and buildings that we have completed with our partner construction companies and are still undertaking today.

Also, taking into account modern trends, we have fully adapted the company’s communication strategy to social media and online search platforms, which has played a big role in providing information about GCSG’s services and making it a more popular company.

Considering the growth trend in the construction sector in recent years, the demand for tower crane services has increased significantly. The GCSG team of professionals has been providing services and activities related to the export and import of different kinds of cranes throughout the country for 25 years.

Since 2019, thanks to coordinated management, GCSG has been able to grow from a small company to a large service provider in a remarkably short time. We can safely say that 2022 was quite successful for our company, because we clocked 84,296 working hours without any incidents in the importing-exporting of cranes and maintenance services.

Q. Please tell us about yourself and how you obtained 25 years of experience in the field.

A.  In fact I have 35 years of experience working in various positions in the construction sector and I am a construction engineer by education. Back then, tower cranes produced during the Soviet Union were mainly used in constructions in Tbilisi. Cranes are one of the most important and expensive pieces of equipment on a construction site, but they can also be considered extremely dangerous if proper safety precautions are not taken during their proper installation, operation and dismantling.

Today we provide planned supervision of tower cranes to 27 construction companies. Within 24 hours of receiving notification, we identify the targets of the crane on the site and work on its quick repair so that the construction process does not stop, because we know the costs associated with downtime. We have a long experience of working with our partners in construction companies and build these relationships on the basis of mutual respect and trust.

Fast and secure service is our strength, based on years of experience and technological know-how in this field.

In addition to Tbilisi we have an office in Batumi where we are involved only in large projects.

Q. You are a direct witness to the development of the construction sector in the country as well. How would you evaluate this?

A. The construction industry is one of the leading industries in Georgia. As far as I know, from 2006 to 2020 its volume increased from 401 million GEL to 3.473 billion GEL. In 2014-2017 the construction sector grew the most among all sectors of the Georgian economy ⁠— by 57%. During this period the demand for tower cranes also increased significantly, and so we offered the market tower cranes imported from Europe ⁠— Comansa, SIMMA POTAIN, Raimondi, EDILMAC, Kammerlander, Liebherr, JASO, etc.

The latest figures show that 10,822 building permits were issued in 2022, which was 7.2% more than in 2021. Basically, 52% of construction takes place in the capital, while a large share of construction permits is issued for the construction of multi-purpose residential complexes. The demand for cranes with a height of 70-120 meters has increased significantly, and there is a shortage in the market in this regard, but we can provide all kinds of cranes by prior agreement.

The growth of the construction sector creates additional jobs and increases the income of the population, but on the other hand this process is accompanied by certain problems in terms of finding qualified personnel, which is part of the irreversible process of labor migration.

The demand for experienced crane installers and electricians in our field is very high. But GCSG has reliable partners and employees who are well aware of tower crane technology and have many years of work experience.

Q. Tell us about the most memorable projects during these 25 years.

A. Famous projects in which we also participated were King David Complex, The Biltmore Hotel, Georgian Museum of Fine Art, Hilton Garden Inn Hotel, and Vake Plaza.

This year alone we are providing full technical services on tower cranes for 27 construction companies.

Q. Please tell us what kind of services the company offers as of today.

A. Our team offers companies professional advice in the process of purchasing a tower crane, which in turn will help them make the best decision based on the requirements and budget of the existing construction project.

The services offered by GCSG also include tower crane installation and dismantling works on any difficult location. We also offer assistance to companies in the process of finding a potential customer for a crane for sale.

We have developed the terms of scheduled supervision and maintenance services for construction companies, which are already used by 22 construction companies.

A premium service package  created for companies that want a full and fast solution to all tower crane related details and issues is one of the most in-demand services at our company. The package includes tower crane purchase, rental and transportation, installation and disassembly, technical inspection and registration on, technical  supervision, restoration and repair of the crane, and storage and sale of the crane.

We offer technical service packages to companies that already own a tower crane and are focused on its smooth or continuous operation until the completion of a construction project. The package includes engine repair, installation and disassembly, changing and rewinding of cable, repair of control panels and remote-controls, mast installation and repair of brakes, electrical repair, technical inspection, changing the hook, cart repair, and parts subscription.

We also provide free consultation to developers and construction companies on any issue related to the tower crane.

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