World-Leading Manufacturer of Beauty Products, Naturopathic Medicines Weleda Marks 100th Anniversary

Global manufacturer of both beauty products and naturopathic medicines Weleda is marking its 100th anniversary this year.

Weleda has once again received the Golden Brand award in Georgia for its healthy skincare solutions for children which include face and body creams, non-perfumed oil, milk, diaper care cream, shampoos, soap, toothpaste, belly oil, atopic skincare, sun protection and lip balms.

The Georgian company Naturapharm has been the exclusive partner of Weleda in Georgia for 22 years, importing Weleda products from Germany to the local market.

Naturapharm, which was founded back in 1998, initially was focused on the distribution of medicines, while since 2006-2007 they have also been importing body and skin-care solutions and cosmetics for both adults and children.

Weleda’s appearance in Georgia is linked with the tragic events of April 9, 1989 when Soviet troops killed Georgians demanding the country’s independence.

During this hard time, Weleda sent medicines and doctors from Germany to treat those injured or poisoned after Soviet tanks dispersed a peaceful demonstration in central Tbilisi.

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Weleda’s main story begins back in 1921 with a hospital and a pharmaceutical lab founded by a Dutch doctor, an Austrian philosopher, and a Munich-based chemist and pharmacist.

Currently Weleda is the world’s leading manufacturer of holistic, natural, organic cosmetics and pharmaceutical products with three main offices in France, Switzerland and Germany.

In these three enterprises more than 1,000 raw materials, obtained according to the principle of sustainability, are processed to make more than 100 natural cosmetic products and up to 2,500 medicines.

Almost all Weleda products are available in Georgia at Naturapharm showroom, Weleda online shop, GPC and Pharmadepo pharmacies, Director of Naturapharm Lela Bakuradze told Golden Brand.

“Weleda strictly adheres to the highest quality standards and the principle of saving resources in the production of the product. The products contain only natural ingredients – Weleda never uses artificial preservatives, synthetic additives for taste and smell and dyes. Weleda enjoys a high business reputation due to its product quality, reliability and sustainable business development,” Bakuradze said.

Bakuradze says that Weleda products are also very economical and in the case of reasonable use one may have them longer compared with other brands.

Q. What is the most effective way for you to attract consumers?

A. The most effective way are presentations and training with customers, pharmacy consultants and doctors. Along with familiarising them with Weleda history and the composition of its products, attendees are able to test the products, feel their texture and flavour. However, the pandemic temporarily stopped the activity and currently we are fully focused on online trainings. To attract consumers we also actively use online media, quality photos, videos, promotions, raffles and most importantly qualified consultation.

Q. What promotions, discounts do you offer?

A. We make discounts whenever possible. More often we do raffles on our Facebook page, Instagram and also with our beauty bloggers. We think this is a good way to motivate customers. The best promotion is using the product itself.

Q. How have you adapted your services to the reality caused by the coronavirus pandemic?

A. The online shop, home delivery service, timely and highly qualified consultings are the most important things for people today. Thus, everyday we are trying to refine and expand these activities. We have a delivery service throughout Georgia. Delivery of products above 50 GEL in Tbilisi is free.

Q. Has the pandemic affected sales?

A. Fortunately the pandemic has not affected our sales. On the contrary, people now have more time to care about their health and appearance. And most importantly, natural products are becoming more and more popular.

Q. Congratulations on winning the Golden Brand award. Could you please tell us about the activities of 2020 which brought this award to your company?

I think that Weleda has won the award for its 100-year stability, commitment to its values, and for its tireless struggle for humans and nature. Naturapharm, as a small chain, has also won the award with Weleda. 

We are glad that the number of nature defenders is growing in Georgia year-by-year. We hope that Weleda products for adults will also receive the Golden Brand award in the coming years.

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