Tamar Ghlonti, the Acting Director of Radio Maestro
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Radio Maestro: Promoting Business Growth and Development in Georgia

Radio Maestro, a media outlet in Georgia focused on business and information,

TAMAR GHLONTI, Acting Director of Radio Maestro
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Radio Maestro to be More Visible Online

Radio holding Maestro is striving to be more visible online, sharing content at its website http://radiomaestro.ge, on social networks and its YouTube channel in order to reach its listeners not only in Georgia but abroad.

Radio Maestro Expands its Lineup With New Programs

Radio holding 94.7 FM continues to offer new programs to its listeners. Radio Consultation, Phone Interview and Secret Special Services are new programs in the Radio Maestro lineup that have already grabbed listeners’ interest, says Tamar Bakuradze, head of the marketing department at Radio Maestro.

Tamar Bakuradze

Radio Maestro Takes Steps to Support Business Amid Pandemic

Radio Maestrio, which turned 10 years old in May 2021, has taken several steps to support business, particularly local businesses, amid the pandemic.