Aleksandre Okroshidze, CEO of the company
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Element Construction Aims to Expand Services Beyond Georgia

Element Construction, a leading industrial construction company in Georgia, is striving to scale new heights and extend its services not only in the country but also beyond

LADO BUSKIVADZE, Executive Director of the Company
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Element Construction – Only Company in Georgia Offering Precast Reinforced Concrete Structures for Industrial Installations

Element Construction, Georgia’s top industrial construction company, is bringing innovative solutions to industrial construction and contributing to the development of the field.

Vladimer Buskivadze

Element Construction Receives Int’l Quality Certificate

Element Construction, a leading Georgian construction company which has been present on the market since 2007, has received international ISO 9001:2015 certificate this year ‘which indicates that the company quality of design, construction, organisational planning, business process management and legal issues are in full line with top standards,’ says the company leadership.