Element Construction Receives Int’l Quality Certificate

Element Construction, a leading Georgian construction company which has been present on the market since 2007, has received international ISO 9001:2015 certificate this year ‘which indicates that the company quality of design, construction, organisational planning, business process management and legal issues are in full line with top standards,’ says the company leadership.

Element Construction Executive Director Vladimer Buskivadze told Golden Brand that observing international standards also eliminates or minimizes risks in the design and construction process, reduces the risks of defective or delayed work and the time or financial resources spent on remedial work.

The company has been certified by Swiss company Société Générale de Surveillance, a world-leading organization for inspection, testing and certification.

Element Construction partner consulting company C-team was also involved in the certification process.

Buskivadze says that ‘reasonably planned development stages’ have made the company the market leader, noting that at the initial stage, the company operated in the fields of flooring technologies and waterproofing systems and managed to introduce a number of innovative products and services.

The success achieved in these narrow areas allowed Element Construction to move forward.

“The expansion of human and technical resources allowed us to take first steps in civil construction, followed by a series of interesting projects in the field of hydraulic and, of course, industrial construction,” Buskivadze said.

Currently the company covers the whole territory of Georgia and offers full service to customers in terms of design, construction planning, management and execution for industrial, hydraulic, hotel, infrastructure, commercial, public and educational facilities.

“Along with the services, I would like to single out the design part, which is in full compliance with international standards and local regulations. I would like to add that we are focused on promoting energy efficient projects by offering innovative building materials or technical solutions,” Buskivadze stated.

Vladimer BuskivadzeThe large projects completed by the company include Coca-Cola factory which is the largest in the Transcaucasus, three McDonalds restaurants and the construction of the Noste farm on an area of 20,000 sq.m, while the construction of an immense logistics center on 232,635 sq.m. of land in Tserovani is on the design stage.

“We completed the projects in record time. For instance, we completed the construction of the Coca-Cola factory in just nine months,” Buskivadze said.

The company actively cooperates with large development companies like Archi, Binari and others, as well as with agrofield companies and leading pharmacological and medical companies like Impex, PSP, Aversi and Medula.

Buskivadze says that the construction of a walnut processing plant in Kakheti has been completed, as well as Shato Mukhrani winery, while the construction of Binekhi winery, Marani and Wine Kakheti are still in progress.

“To boost the country’s tourism potential, we have been actively involved in both private and state projects. In particular, we are completing the construction of the Holiday Inn Express Hotel and the large-scale project of installing tourist infrastructure for the new cableway connecting Kobi-Gudauri. We also built the premium-class Best Western hotel in Gudauri,” Buskivadze stated.

He added that this year Element Construction completed the design-building project of four public schools and the campus of Sulkhan Saba Orbeliani University.

“Currently we are working on the design of a private, modern school for 500 students,” Buskivadze stated.

Along with industrial constructions, hotels, schools and other projects, Element Construction has contributed to the country’s energy independence.

It has completed the construction of three HPPs and currently is involved in the Mtkvari HPP project which is in its final stage.

Buskivadze says that the market is competitive ‘and we are proud to be the leaders on the market thanks to our top, international standards.’

What are your major advantages compared with competitors?

Our major advantage is the resources of the companies which are the members of our holding. These include full service and products in the following fields: manufacturing, industrial and special-purpose floors, production and installation of metal constructions, sandwich panels, waterproofing systems, and a dry mixing plant. Moreover, we have highly qualified staff and our business moves are studied beforehand and well-planned. At the same time, we follow international achievements in our field and implement them in our work.

Which of your services are most in demand?

Industrial construction. Our consumers know well that with the involvement of its holding companies, Element Construction is able to carry out projects of any complexity in unimaginable time frames and in full line with top standards. Design is also in demand, customers know that we will offer them optimal design solutions.

In what ways has the pandemic impacted the company?

Despite the pandemic, the company maintained the dynamics of annual revenue growth. However, the pandemic caused delays in projects and revenues over time and delayed the potential for more significant improvements in financial indicators. The company has been systematically analyzing internal and external factors, identifying risks and managing them effectively, which in turn allows us to have a response plan in advance.

Congratulations on receiving the Golden Brand award. What factors came together to make this happen?

Thank You! Despite the pandemic, industrial construction was actively carried out by Element Construction for the largest representatives of various fields: Marani, Binekhi Winery, Impex, PSP, Agroline, LTB, Agrosphere. The company has consistently adhered to its policies in the areas of quality and labor, health and environment. Moreover, we have been involved in many CSR activities. I think these are the factors that led to our victory.

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