Sunflower Seed Company Solari Expanding Portfolio WIth Walnuts, Pistachios, Cashew Snacks

Solari, Golden Brand winner in the category of favorite sunflower seed company, plans to introduce new products in 2024. Soon the company will begin producing roasted walnuts that are currently undergoing testing, roasted pistachios and cashews, as well as roasted striped sunflower.

General Director of Solari Iuri Tkebuchava said the company also plans to enter the foreign market in the future.

Solari has been operating on the Georgian market since 2014, when it first introduced roasted sunflower seeds for sale in packets.

Q. Let’s begin our interview by discussing the success of Solari in winning the Golden Brand award as the ‘favorite sunflower’ brand. While other brands disappear from the market, Solari manages to maintain its position and title. How does the company handle the competition, keep winning titles, and continue moving forward?

A. Solari is a sunflower production company that has been in the market for ten years. Since its inception, it has gained the trust of Georgian consumers and emerged as the leader in the market.

We have put a lot of thought, knowledge, and research into creating the product. Our partner companies have been supplying us with high-quality raw materials for a decade. These companies are known for their dedication to their work, and they always provide us with raw materials that are lab-tested according to quality, caliber, acidity, and other parameters.

The raw materials are stored in the best conditions to maintain their original taste and quality throughout the year. Our products go through several stages of production, and they are handled by true professionals who have a passion for their work.

This is the secret of our success, and it’s the reason why we have held the title of ‘favorite sunflower’ and Golden Brand winner for years.

Q. How did 2023 end for Solari – what were the main challenges and achievements?

A. 2023 turned out to be quite successful for our company. We have expanded our range of products, which now includes roasted salted and unsalted almonds. These new products are already available on the Georgian market.

In addition to the almonds, customers of Solari can enjoy a variety of other products, including salted and unsalted sunflowers, selected sunflowers, selected blanched peanuts, and shelled peanuts.

Currently, roasted walnuts are undergoing testing and will soon be available to our customers. We also plan to introduce roasted pistachios and cashews, as well as roasted striped sunflower.

Q. Solari has also updated packaging for one of its products. Why the new design?

A.  Our team updated the packaging because the existing design did not meet our requirements. There was no special reason behind this decision.

We have recently made a change in Solari’s product packaging by reducing the shelf life. Our aim is to ensure that consumers eat the products while they are still fresh and tasty. Although our products are safe and suitable for consumption, they may not taste as good as the fresh ones if consumed after a certain date, so we have taken this step to prioritize the customers’ interests and always bring new and distinctively flavored products to the market.

Q. The company has also started preparatory work for obtaining the ISO certificate. At what stage is the company currently?

A. Yes, we are in the process of obtaining the ISO international certificate.

We have brought hygiene and food safety in line with international requirements in the company’s main factory. We also had to upgrade equipment. Last year alone a lot

was done to advance the work. The basic requirements regarding buildings and production and technical processes have been met.

At this stage, we are going through a process of retraining the staff.

Q. Solari experienced challenges related to import of raw materials last year. What is the situation this year?

A. The company had no problems with importing raw materials this year. The products were delivered to us smoothly, and there were no delays in supplying the market either.

Q. In addition to adding new products to Solari portfolio, what are other plans for the future?

A. We are still planning to enter the foreign market in the future.

In February of this year, we participated in a large-scale international exhibition called Gulfood 2024 held in Dubai. We showcased samples of our products at the exhibition, with the aim of attracting foreign buyers. We have received feedback and negotiations have already begun with some interested parties. We are confident that Solari will successfully enter and thrive in foreign markets.