Strong Wash to Open New Branches in Kutaisi and Batumi

Strong Wash, a Georgian company involved in the production and distribution of auto chemicals, installation of car washes, and sale of high-pressure washing machines, will expand with two new branches in the cities of Kutaisi and Batumi.

The company also plans to launch a new factory to increase its production capacity.

“In order to expand we have started the construction of a new factory which will be equipped with modern technologies and equipment,” Director of the company Shota Metreveli said.

In this interview with Golden Brand, Metreveli reviews the company’s operations on the Georgian market and shares his impressions of winning the Golden Brand award for the first time this year.

Q. In the category “favorite washing machines and service” Strong Wash has become Georgian customers’ top pick. What led the company to this recognition, in your opinion?

A. Our company is focused on providing quality services. Strong Wash provides maximum comfort to its customers.

Each laundry machine we install is innovative and adapted to modern challenges. I think that’s why we won the Gold Brand Award.

Q. Golden Brand is given to companies based on the successful activities of the previous year. Please summarize 2022.

A. 2022 was a year full of challenges and at the same time many successful developments for Strong Wash. Despite big competition, the company was able to maintain its status of leading company of the year, so we believe that 2022 was a productive and experience-building year for our team.

Q. You mentioned that Strong Wash maintained its position of market leader in 2022. The company was established in 2020. How have you managed to achieve the leading position in such a short period of time?

A. Strong Wash appeared in 2020. At first we were involved only in installing car wash equipment with local purchases, but after earning customers’ trust in a short period of time, local purchases were no longer enough and we decided to start importing goods.

And we started the production of auto chemicals. Our company is a manufacturer of auto chemicals, auto shampoo and other car care products. These products are made with raw materials and technology of Italian origin.

At this stage the company owns two stores, in Tbilisi and Gori, with a distribution network throughout Georgia.

As for your question, I would say that offering quality products and justifying the expectations of the customers helped our company to gain first the trust and then love of our customers, which helped us to beat the competition and take the lead.

Q. Please introduce us to the international brands with which Strong Wash cooperates.

A. In Georgia we are the official representatives of the largest Turkish company Taha Wash, the Italian brand Hawk, which is the world’s top manufacturer of pump equipment.

We also cooperate with R+M and GS.

Being the largest manufacturers of auto chemicals and auto equipment enables us to make it easy to cooperate with international brands and gain their trust.

Q. Strong Wash has become the “leading company of the year” at the international awards of the Swiss Rating Association and the National Business Ratings Union. Can you tell us what the market share of the company is?

A. Our team earned the status of leading company of the year as a result of hard work.

Currently we enjoy about 50% of the market share.

Our advantage is that the team is composed of professionals and the company is focused on product quality.

We also have active communication with our individual customers, which means talking openly about solving any issue or problem at any time.

Q. You signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Solidarity Fund of Georgia to help children defeat cancer. Why did you choose this charity?

A. Incidence of cancer has increased significantly in the world, and our country is no exception.

These children and adolescents have treatment costs that cannot easily be met given our country’s economic situation.

Regarding the question of why we decided to cooperate with the Solidarity Fund, the answer is very simple ⁠— we want to contribute to the recovery of each child with cancer. The Solidarity Fund is one of the largest such charities.

Helping children live happy and healthy lives in turn makes us happy.

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