Sakcable Recognized for Outstanding Contribution to Development of Georgia’s Cable Industry

Davit Kapanadze, Executive Director of Sakcable
Davit Kapanadze, Executive Director of Sakcable

Sakcable, the leading manufacturer of cable products in Georgia, has received the Golden Brand award for its outstanding contribution to the development of the country’s cable industry.

The company was established in 1958 to advance Georgia’s ambitions of industrialization through the manufacture and distribution of copper and aluminum cable products.

The company manufactures 74 types of power cables with over 2000 specifications at an international-quality level and in compliance with European standards. The company is ISO 9001- certified and has been tested and approved by the Israeli Standards Institute.

Golden Brand turned to Davit Kapanadze, Executive Director of Sakcable, who talked about the company’s history of production and its recent activities contributing to the cable industry in Georgia, which attracted the attention of the Golden Brand organizers. 

Q. Please tell us what the contribution of Sakcable to the development of Georgia’s cable industry has been?

A. I am really proud of Sakcable’s contribution to the Georgian economy and the cable industry.

Many years of experience, trained staff, high-tech equipment, international recognition – this is Sakcable. 

One of our achievements is that we are the first company in Georgia whose products undergo a detailed inspection in an accredited quality control laboratory. We are creating a competitive environment that helps the country move forward.

Sakcable is a combination of great traditions, experience, and a team of professionals. 

The company was re-equipped in 2018. We always try to acquire new innovative equipment for our factory. Overall, our main task is to replace imported cables with high quality local products.

New technologies and high quality products allow us to go abroad and increase sales, and this is a very important challenge for us and the country. We attend many international exhibitions and move forward accordingly.

Our goal is to make a serious contribution to the development of the electricity network outside of Georgia.

It is a great honor that Sakcable has received the Golden Brand award and been praised for its efforts to develop the country’s cable industry. We are happy to be recognized for this. 

This award is a stimulus and motivation for us to carry on as we have been, and to offer an even wider range and the best service to our customers and partners.

Q. What is the main advantage of Sakcable?

A. Quality, affordability, and innovation. Sakcable produces European-level cables in Georgia, which have high quality, with a service life of 70-100 years and are adapted to the challenges of the 21st century.

Q. For which industry are Sakcable products designed?

A. Sakcable cables are designed for the construction and professional installation and for electrification.

Overall, Sakcable produces more than 2,000 varieties of cables. I would single out several varieties: uninsulated, self-propelled, mounting, fireproof, power, control cables.

All large-scale projects in Georgia have been done with Sakcable products, which we are very proud of.

Q. A memorandum was signed by Sakcable and the Georgian Technical University, according to which students will do internships at Sakcable and learn how to produce cables and other electrical products. How did you come up with this idea and how popular is it among the students?

A. The priority of Sakcable is to employ as many students as possible to learn this job, as we lack professionals in this field in our country. The new generation has the potential to understand this field and make a great contribution to the advancement of Georgian business

We already have students employed in the factory and laboratory where they master the profession and take part in internships. We are proud to play a role in educating and helping the new generation succeed.

Q. Is Sakcable considering exporting?

A. Conquering the international markets is this year’s major plan and challenge for Sakcable. The state program “Produce in Georgia” supports us and helps us enter international markets and develop there. Produce an international product is a big responsibility.

Q. How complicated is your business, producing cables in our country?

A. Cable is a very specific product; it is impossible to carry out any construction without it. Much depends on the cable, primarily the safety of people. Making and selling a faulty, substandard cable can even be fatal.

That’s why the company has to get many certifications associated with various standards.

In addition, cable production requires knowledge, education, high-quality raw materials and high-tech equipment.

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