Proservice Ventures Into International Operations Under New Brand Nixonic

Proservice, Georgia’s first web hosting company, is celebrating its 25th anniversary with the establishment of a new hosting provider brand, Nixonic, and venturing into international operations.

“We have recently expanded our operations to the international market with our new brand, The experience gained over the past 25 years has given us the confidence to embark on this ambitious project. Our service has been up and running for a month now and we are pleased to report that it is functioning successfully”, said Levan Natroshvili, the General Manager of Proservice.

He added that this year Proservice is planning to get the ISO certificate for its data center, which opened in 2019 and enabled the company to expand its services.

“Our main activity is data center (data processing center) and related services. Server rental, colocation, cloud services – this is our main field. The data center is built in accordance with international requirements and standards. This year we are planning to get the ISO certificate and we have started the process, and next year we want to get the international data center standard certificate. It is a difficult path, but we will spare no effort,” Natroshvili said.

Golden Brand presents an interview with Natroshvili, where he shares more details about the new brand and reviews its successful operations.

Q. What is your prediction for the new brand on the international market?

A. The forecast is positive, because several foreign companies have already expressed their desire to cooperate with us. Let’s see ⁠—  one month is a short time to talk about results, although the trend is positive.

It is also worth mentioning that the number of Georgian customers increased about 20% last year compared to 2022.

Q. What is Nixonic’s target market?

A. So far, we have focused our advertising efforts on Asian countries, where the infrastructure is less developed. However, we plan to expand our target audience gradually and include not only Europe, but also other regions. Our primary advertising channel is social media.

Q. Proservice has recently introduced several new services, for example self-identifying email addresses on a ge or com domain, or Google Workspace. Tell us about this service and what feedback it has received from customers.

A. Registering surname domains allows individuals to have personalized email addresses and share them with family members. The campaign received positive feedback and quite a few domain names were registered.

As for the Google Workspace service, we were the first company in Georgia to fully automate the process, and activation and registration of Google services are done automatically. Google email is especially popular.

Of course, this is one of the services that we introduced, but I am still in favor of the idea of creating and developing self-identifying, personalized email addresses. With this approach, an unlimited number of email addresses can be created using any given surname, which is more prestigious and aesthetically pleasing. When I sent an email using my personal identifying email address (based on my last name), even foreigners were impressed. However, it’s important to remember that all corporate communication should be done via corporate email and not personal email. This is crucial as it affects the image of our company.

Q. How about the workforce, how easily do you find staff? And if not, then what do you see as a solution?

A. We are proud to have almost no personnel outflow in the infrastructure sector. We make every effort to take care of our coworkers by offering various incentives, which are funded through a special fund. It is true that finding qualified personnel in our field can be challenging, but we collaborate with various educational and training centers to help us find suitable candidates.

Q. Let’s discuss internet prices and speeds … the internet market itself, how relevant and convenient is it for your company’s operation?

A. In recent years, the quality of the internet has significantly improved, and the prices in the retail market are reasonable. I travel a lot and I can say that the prices are relatively affordable compared to many European countries. This doesn’t just apply to the internet ⁠—  phone and mobile services are also more reasonably priced in our country.

Although we may not be the absolute best, we are competitive with most providers. But the corporate sector is a different story as their prices are high, especially compared to European internet providers. We are eagerly anticipating the installation of a new optical fiber network through the Black Sea, which we hope will reduce the cost of the internet significantly.

In addition, both large and small internet service providers in Georgia are striving to make the internet accessible in all parts of the state. While this is a time-consuming task, it’s a fact that the number of internet users is increasing every year.

Q. We’ve been hearing a lot of talk lately about turning Georgia into a financial technology hub. How would you assess Georgia’s resources to fulfill this ambitious plan?

A. With sufficient investment and an increase in staffing, any task can be effectively resolved.

Q. Proservice is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. While the company was strengthening its positions on the market, many other companies were unable to continue operations and closed. What is the key to Proservice’s success?

A. When we first started, this business was a source of additional income for many. However, some of them didn’t meet the required quality standards and had to close due to lack of orders. The reasons for this vary.

As for Proservice, we aimed to provide the best possible service to our customers from the very beginning. We worked tirelessly and accumulated experience, never cutting back on research, and investing heavily in the qualifications of our colleagues. We continue to do so. It is likely that all of these efforts combined have led to the success of our company and the Golden Brand award that we have received.

Q. It is Proservice’s second Golden Brand award this year. The company was named “favorite hosting provider” in the country. How has the company managed to maintain this title?

A. We strive to provide high-quality service, while also considering the development of the company and new services. Perhaps this award is a result of our efforts.