Oktopus Fitness Club to Open Fourth Branch in Tbilisi This Fall

Oktopus Fitness Club is expanding with a fourth branch scheduled to be opened this fall in Tbilisi, with plans to expand into the regions.

“We definitely want to go beyond Tbilisi and offer the experience called Oktopus to different regions of Georgia. And this is included in the development plans of Oktopus Fitness Club,” Director Giorgi Asatiani told Golden Brand.

Oktopus Fitness Club strives to offer its members the best fitness equipment, workout options and the perfect environment to keep fit in. It provides over 2,000 safe, effective, efficient, and enjoyable group class programs on a monthly basis for professional athletes and fans of healthy living.

Thanks to a good environment, professional trainers and all types of fitness equipment, Oktopus Fitness Club has become the leader on the Georgian market and also became the winner of Golden Brand Awards in the category “favorite fitness center”.

Speaking about the factors that led Oktopus Fitness Club to the Golden Brand win, Asatiani highlighted that Oktopus Fitness Club is a “100% proud Georgian rooted brand” which serves to promote a healthy lifestyle in the country.

“Today, there are quite a lot of successful companies operating in the fitness sector, and therefore it is very gratifying that Oktopus Fitness Club was praised and recognized with the Golden Brand award. Winning the Golden Brand showed us once again that selfless work always brings results”, he said.

Q. Golden Brand is given to brands following successful operations of the previous year. Please summarize 2022.

A. 2022 was a year of awakening and restart for many businesses, not only in Georgia but also the world. After the end of the two-year pandemic, companies were allowed to continue operating under normal conditions. In 2022 Oktopus also offered a lot of new things to our club members. 2022 was quite fruitful, productive and rewarding for our club.

In 2022 Oktopus Fitness Club was listed among the top 15 fitness clubs worldwide by Life Fitness as GYMSPIRATION – which makes us very proud.

Q. Please tell us about Oktopus Fitness Club’s development over the years.

A. In 2016, when we opened our first branch, we were distinguished by our avant-garde interior, comfortable environment, and high-quality trainers, but of course later on this wasn’t enough. Today it is very important for our club members to find an orderly environment during their visit to the club, which makes it even easier for them to pursue their goals.

All three branches of Oktopus Fitness Club operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week ⁠— we never rest. All members of our club have unlimited memberships, which means that the customer enjoys Oktopus club advantages without limits. We have two branches in Saburtalo district and one in Vake.

In general, Oktopus stands out for introducing conceptual innovations to the market. Oktopus is the only fitness club where access to services is simplified and customers can manage their account online without leaving home. Our mobile app was created for this purpose.

Actually, our app is something we are very proud of ⁠— we were the first fitness club in Georgia to have its own app, which has been in use by our customers for almost three years. Our app is always in the top 20 in Apple’s Health & Fitness category in our region.

I think the main values that are highlighted in the name of the brand have a big contribution to the development of Oktopus: OK – for a source of positive mood and inspiration; TOP – for competitiveness and striving for victory; US – for a friendly and team environment.

Q. What workout programs does Oktopus offer?

A. Oktopus is the only fitness club in Georgia that offers more than 2,000 group exercises during the month.

We offer unlimited and diverse group classes. We have many innovative exercises such as body ballet, which is built on strength exercises with ballet elements, and fit dance, a mix of Georgian dance and exercise. Recently spinning exercises have been very popular among consumers, which is a fairly high-intensity cardio exercise and is ideal for consumers who are struggling to lose weight.

Naturally, classical exercises such as Pilates, yoga, Zumba and boxing are always popular and have had loyal customers for years.

Q. You offer sound-therapy to customers. As far as I know, Oktopus is the only fitness club to offer it. Please tell us more.

A. Yes, we were the first to offer our customers sound-therapy, led by Lika Evgenidze. Lika has been interested in sound therapy for years and studied it while living in America. And in 2022, we offered our customers sound healing classes, which are very popular and always at a full capacity. I definitely recommend to attend the class.

Q. Who exercises more, men or women?

A. Seven years ago, when we opened the first branch, the proportion of men in our clubs exceeded 70% ⁠— today this figure has dropped to 55%. Women’s interest in fitness clubs has increased considerably, and now there is almost an equal proportion men and women.

The age ratio of our customers has changed a lot over the years. While seven years ago the average age was 20-25 years, today the average age of our customer is 30-35 years. I think this will increase even more and slowly a culture will emerge in our country that exercising and taking care of one’s own health is a priority at all ages.

I would also like to mention that the average period of time spent at the club has also increased over the years ⁠— it’s about two hours, which also speaks to our other amenities, such as the cafe, lounge, coworking spaces and so on.

In general, the behavior of our customers towards a healthy lifestyle has changed significantly in recent years, interest has increased, and I can safely say that the whole team of Oktopus Fitness Club has contributed a lot to this.

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