Mildronate® – Georgian Customers’ Favorite Drug For Improving Physical Capacity

Mildronate®, produced by the leading pharmaceutical company in the Baltic states, Grindeks, has won the most prestigious and influential business award in Georgia, the Golden Brand, in the category “favorite medication for restoration of physical capacity” for 2022. 

In addition to Mildronate®, Grindeks, which has been operating on the Georgian market for more than 20 years, offers about 50 medicines and plans to introduce more in 2023-2024.

Grindeks’ product portfolio includes original products, generics, and active pharmaceutical ingredients, all produced in line with internationally-recognized safety and quality standards and sold in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Head of Grindeks Representative office in Georgia, Natia Kikvadze, shared the story of Mildronate® in clinical practice and talked about the company’s future in Georgia with Golden Brand.

Q. In the category of “favorite medication for restoration of physical capacity”, Mildronate® has won the Golden Brand award. Why do you think experts and consumers named Mildronate®  their favorite brand?

A. Mildronate® has a tonic effect on the central nervous system, improves mental activity, attention and memory concentration, restores the body’s energy reserves during physical and mental overload, and helps maintain mental and physical activity, which of course has a positive effect on quality of life. 

We’ve seen many cases where a patient recalls feeling better and more energetic while using Mildronate® and asks the doctor to prescribe the medication again.

Mildronate® has been present in the pharmaceutical market of Georgia for several decades and its effectiveness and safety have been tested by thousands of doctors and patients. 

Mildronate® is available in all pharmacy chains – Aversi, GPC, Pharmadepot, PSP, Impex, Pharm House – and in private pharmacies.

Q. What were the sales statistics of Mildronate® in 2022?

A. Sales of Mildronate® have been steadily increasing year by year. It increased significantly during and after the pandemic, which was due to the high effectiveness of the medicine in post-COVID asthenia, and its ability to reduce cardiovascular complications in patients with COVID-19. 

Many new patients and doctors experienced the effects of Mildronate®. In 2022, sales of Mildronate® increased by 19% compared to the previous year. 

Q. What makes this medication so popular on the market and what is its most notable advantage?

A. Mildronate® is an original product with a dual mechanism of action for patients with cardiovascular diseases, which provides multifactorial protection of organs and tissues. It is the only metabolic drug capable of protecting both the heart and the brain, blood vessels, from ischemic damage in patients with angina, chronic heart failure, and blood circulation disorders in the brain. 

In addition, it increases tolerance for physical activities and improves cognitive function. It can be used both in patients and in healthy individuals to improve physical and mental performance. Similar multifaceted therapeutic effect is not characteristic of any other metabolic means, which makes Mildronate® unique and unrivaled.

Q. What are the recent developments and future plans of Grindeks Georgia?

A. Grindeks is the leading pharmaceutical manufacturer in the Baltic states, operating since 1946. Over the years we have been recognized for helping millions of patients worldwide. 

Grindeks’ product portfolio is composed of original products, generics, and active pharmaceutical ingredients, all produced in line with the world-class requirements of safety and quality. 

As for recent activities in Georgia, we offer high quality products, so our market share and customer demand increase annually.

The Grindeks office in Georgia is also hiring new people all the time, and we have offices in Tbilisi and western Georgia. 

We try to contribute to the postgraduate education of medical personnel, and we organize local conferences and sponsor events organized by various medical associations.

Q. Grindeks was planning to register diabetes medications in Georgia. Please tell us how these plans were realized.

A. Yes, in 2023 we registered the diabetes medication Sitagliptin and an anti-itching skin product  Dimestil gel. Products will appear in April for retail selling.

Three more medicines will be registered by the end of this year, and five medicines are planned to be registered in 2024.

So far the Grindeks portfolio includes 50 medicines, with 75 products total according to forms and dosages.

Q. How does the head office of Grdinkes evaluate the activities of the office in Georgia?

A. The head office appreciates the contribution of each country to the development of the entire company, so recognition of Grindeks products by Georgian patients and healthcare professionals is highly valued. Every year, when the best employees are announced, there is one from Georgia. 

The communication between our two countries is effective and both parties rely on professional international teamwork. Georgia is always considered a leading country from the business development point of view.

Q. What is the contribution of Grindeks in developing the Georgian pharmaceutical market?

A. Medications registered in Georgia are in the following therapeutic groups: cardiovascular, central nervous system, and now products for diabetes treatment.  

I think Grindeks contributes to the Georgian market development largely because our generics are of European quality yet low-cost. 

Our goal is to improve people’s quality of life and increase access to medical solutions in Georgia.

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