Insurance Company ARDI On Path to Digital Transformation

Georgian insurance company ARDI has started a digital transformation process, aiming to provide even more sophisticated and prompt services to its customers.

Director General of the company Michael Japaridze says ARDI is currently going through ‘the most important stage’ in its history:

“Digitization is taking place not only at the B2C stage – where ARDI meets its final customers – but also at the B2B stage, when ARDI interacts with various is partners as: sale channels,  medical providers, pharmacies, car repair centers and etc.”, Japaridze said.

In February, ARDI launched an updated website and a personal dashboard platform ‘My Room’ to make it even easier for its policyholders to manage their own insurance products or services.

Later in June, the company offered a mobile application, so that we can be even closer to our policyholders, directly in their smartphones’, said Japaridze.

ARDI has been operating on the Georgian market since 2010. The insurance company is represented by six branches in large cities in Georgia.

Since 2013, ARDI has ranked among the top five Georgian insurance companies and is ever a provider of premium quality services in the Georgian insurance market.

“We have a strong reinsurance system with the most reputable reinsurance companies in France, UK, Switzerland and Germany. At the same time, we are proud to be an independent, stand-alone insurance company with good performance and a balanced portfolio”, Japaridze said.

Since its establishment, ARDI aims to create customer-oriented insurance products, provide continuously improved quality services and as a result, gain the loyalty of its policyholders.

Currently about 65,000 people and 3,000 organizations are insured by ARDI.

“We are very happy to say that despite the pandemic, the number of insured people increased by 5% compared to the previous year”, Japaridze said.

What insurance products does ARDI offer to its customers?

ARDI, as a fully licensed insurance company, has a wide range of products for both business and individual insurance, such as: health and life insurance, motor insurance, property insurance, cargo insurance, business interruption insurance, agricultural risks insurance, Construction All risks, professional indemnity products and etc.

The most demanded product on the Georgian market is health insurance. This is not surprising, because health is of the utmost important to our citizens. The demand for products such as real estate and movable property insurance is increasing from year to year.

In ARDI we think that the main limited resource for people today is time. That is why we are always looking for and finding opportunities to improve our service in a way so our customers can spend minimal time.

Recently, our services have been further refined. Through digital channels, ARDI policyholders can easily and quickly perform desired operations. For example: booking a visit to the doctor, receive referrals and payments, getting acquainted with most up-to-date offers, etc.

What exclusive offers do you have for customers?

Recently we have offered our policyholders a new service concept ‘ARDI Plus’, within which we fully manage the health needs of the insured through a personal medical manager, disease monitoring planning and periodic medical check-ups. Insured individuals get medical services in a different space, where insurance, healthcare and hospitality services are united altogether.

In addition, with the ARDI insurance e-card, our policyholders can receive special conditions and privileged discounts on services related to healthcare, that are not directly covered by the insurance package, in particular: rehabilitation, reproduction, wellness and vision improvement.

ARDI policyholders have the opportunity to take advantage of constantly updated offers in the best hotels, gyms, educational centers and car centers in Georgia.

What is the contribution of ARDI to the development of the Georgian insurance industry?

From the day of its creation, ARDI aims to create the best insurance experience and contribute to the development of the Georgian insurance business; to provide customers not only with services, but also with what is not visible in numbers, intangible values such as: support, friendship, sharing of responsibilities and other human qualities.

We have created insurance plans, which consumers sign up for without regret on expenditure and know exactly that the actual value is much more, than price of it.

With this approach we think ARDI has made a significant contribution to the promotion of insurance as a product in Georgia, to the development of the insurance industry and the refinement of services. This process is on-going and will always exist at ARDI.

Have you offered new products that are related to the coronavirus pandemic?

Yes, there was a need to offer brand new products.

‘Welcomer’ –  a product created for foreign visitors, was offered in a different way to those students who returned to Georgia last year to continue their studies. The insurance policy, among other services, provides for Covid-19 risk related insurance.

In addition, a few months ago we adapted to the new regulations of travel insurance and were the first insurance company in the Georgian market to create a new travel policy with Covid-19 coverage and a PCR passport for outbound travelers.

Congratulations on winning the Golden Brand award. ARDI has become a dynamically developing brand of the year. What led the company to this success in your opinion?

The Golden Brand is an award of honor for us on the one hand, and an additional responsibility on the other. We think this award is primarily the merit of every employee of ARDI, whom we call ARDIAN’s, who expresses the character and aspirations of the brand, strives tirelessly to achieve the best results, creates a company that is beloved by customers and understands well that development is an endless process.

The basis of every success of ARDI including the Gold Brand, is that core values on which the company was founded and continues to serve faithfully to this day: knowledge, innovations, sense of responsibility and action.

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