Herbalife Wins Golden Brand Award as Georgians’ Favorite Balanced Nutrition Brand

Herbalife, a global expert in balanced nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, has won its second Golden Brand award in the category ‘balanced nutrition’ at the eighteenth edition of the Golden Brand.

Founded in 1980, Herbalife came to Georgia in 2011. 

We caught up with Nina Kandelaki, Regional Vice President of Herbalife, to find out how the company will broaden Herbalife’s presence in Georgia.

Q. Georgian consumers have named Herbalife their favorite brand again this year. What brought Herbalife this recognition, in your opinion?

A. It’s a big honor for our company to be chosen the best brand in the category ‘balanced nutrition’ for the second time in the Golden Brand award history. We’re glad that our products were so highly appreciated by experts and consumers in Georgia, a country where Herbalife business has been present for twelve years now.

Globally we offer more than 2,000 quality nutritional products including our flagship Formula 1 protein shake, and many of our products have received world and European awards. Herbalife is about helping people live their best lives and we are very demanding about the quality of our products. Herbalife has its own scientific team, which helped us gain knowledge and unique expertise in the market. 

Q. What are some recent developments at Herbalife as a brand in Georgia? Please share the brand’s progress in Georgia.

A. The important step in 2023 is that we’ve already introduced the new Herbalife logo. So, we can say that the company is changing even from the visual side, and we continue changing in different directions.

Since its founding in 1980, the company has see an evolution from nutrition company with a focus on weight loss products*. Herbalife is not just a company with quality science-backed products, it’s a unique community where people can learn principles of balanced nutrition and adopt a healthy lifestyle, and develop their leadership and financial potential.

A good example is that some Independent Members are running about 70,000 nutrition clubs around the world where their clients gather, drink protein shakes, cook recipes with Herbalife products, exercise together etc. In Georgia such clubs exist too, you can find them in eight Georgian cities.

Q. How many products does Herbalife offer in Georgia and what are some recently introduced or upcoming products?

A. We offer about 30 products in Georgia. We look at nutrition holistically, so we offer not just products but also ready-made solutions to address specific customer needs ranging from weight loss and right snacks to balanced breakfast. All in all, ten tailor-made product programs. 

Moreover, we regularly monitor nutritional trends and improve the composition of products, so they are now more and more harmonious, enriched with vitamins and minerals. A good example on the Georgian market is our reformulated Herbal Tea*.

Q. What is the top selling Herbalife product in Georgia?

A. Formula 1 protein shake is our true leader. In Georgia it’s available in five flavors. Formula 1 is a complete meal replacement in a glass, which takes just two-three min to prepare, and it lays the foundation for the Herbalife balanced breakfast.

Q. Is Herbalife involved in charity or corporate social responsibility activities in Georgia?

A. To support our efforts in promoting a sustainable future, we are reducing our use of plastic, using more recycled materials, and decreasing the amount of packaging for Herbalife products. We also gather plastic for recycling in our Sales Center in Tbilisi

As for local sustainability events, for example, last year Herbalife Independent Members took part in a tree planting event near the Tbilisi Sea territory. It was a very meaningful day that reunited people after two years of online work. 

Q. Please tell us how Herbalife is going to expand its presence in Georgia.

A. In previous years we focused more on promoting balanced nutrition with Herbalife products, coupled with the role of our Independent Members as nutrition consultants. We will surely continue doing this, but in addition, we will be talking more about the benefits of doing business with Herbalife. Actually, we provide people with an opportunity to build their own business. When people join the Herbalife community, they join an established global community with a strong brand that provides support and advice, such as expert training, access to quality products, special events, mentorship from other Herbalife leaders, and much more. 

We have more than 100 unique video stories on our YouTube channel featuring the success stories of Herbalife Independent Members in different markets. These are inspiring and touching stories of how one can change their life all over, realize themselves, become successful and bring more meaning and purpose to their life as well as to the lives of those around them.  

Disclaimer: *All references to weight management relate to the Herbalife Nutrition Weight Management Programme which includes, among other things, a balanced diet, regular exercise, an adequate daily fluid intake, nutritional supplementation where required and appropriate rest; individual results will vary.

Disclaimer*: 102g pack

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