GLOSSY Events Expanding Further

The GLOSSY team has successfully organized events alongside its magazine for over seven years. Recently, the GLOSSY team has been busy organizing a range of themed dinners and presentations. This summer the team will travel to various regions of Georgia to organize exclusive events and publish regional editions of the magazine.

In a recent interview with Golden Brand Magazine, Tako Khelaia, Editor-in-Chief of GLOSSY magazine, discusses the latest edition and reviews the magazine’s very successful year.

Q. Could you please tell us briefly about GLOSSY magazine and for how long it has been operating in Georgia?

A. GLOSSY is a magazine designed especially for influencers, businessmen, and leaders in the fashion and tourism industries. It has the most extensive distribution network in Georgia and is delivered free of charge to over 70 companies. The magazine can also be found at all premium hotels in Georgia. It was established in 2017 and represents the social elite, covering the local social scene and the customs of high society. GLOSSY has become a must-read for its target audience because it is known for its unique photo sessions, interviews with various country ambassadors, discussions on wealthy lifestyle topics, and the latest models of automobiles.

GLOSSY is a magazine that specializes in giving full reviews of newly opened hotels, restaurants, and recreation centers. It sets new trends, discovers promising names, and dictates the highest standards. To be featured in GLOSSY is considered a top-quality label in the fashion industry of Georgia for designers, models, actors, photographers, and authors. The magazine is dedicated to discovering successful people, businesses, and interesting individuals.

Q. Thematic GLOSSY events have become increasingly popular lately. Can you provide more information about this?

GLOSSY Magazine has been organizing events and presentations for various companies for seven years. We have worked with international brands like Marriott, Hilton, Pullman, Radisson, Sheraton, and many others. Our events host around 200–300 guests and include successful business leaders, influencers, models, athletes, and bloggers. We also organize GLOSSY Dinners for various occasions and themes. Our dinners are meticulously crafted by professional designers to make them an even more memorable experience. We have a new marketing team at GLOSSY who have been working hard on these events, and their efforts have brought our events to a whole new level. An upcoming summer event is the Batumi Dinner where we will unveil our latest issue.

Q. How do you maintain the exceptional quality of the magazine?

A. We have partnered with one of the biggest publishing houses in Georgia to enhance our printing quality and ensure that we maintain our commitment to publishing high-quality content.

Q. What are GLOSSY Magazine’s plans for the near future?

A. We always strive to stay up to date and work on improving ourselves. As part of that effort, we are planning to expand and release our magazine in New York. Our representative is already in the US working diligently to make our goal a reality. We are excited to have a presence in New York and showcase Georgian brands, fashion, and the hospitality industry to American citizens and immigrants.

Q. As a media partner of the Golden Brand Awards, GLOSSY Magazine has supported the ceremony for a long time. Could you explain the importance of this ceremony?

The Golden Brand Award has been a major player in the business industry in Georgia and beyond for almost two decades. It is known as the most prestigious and powerful business award in the country, often referred to as the Business Oscar of Georgia. The annual award ceremony serves as a source of inspiration for many brands, as they aspire to win the highly coveted Golden Brand award each year. It’s an honor for GLOSSY magazine to support such a prestigious awards ceremony that is organized at the highest level each year.

Q. Could you share your personal experience and explain how it led you to become Editor-in-Chief?

A. Since early childhood, I have been captivated by the world of professional journalism. I vividly recall sitting in front of the television, engrossed in the news and imagining myself as a confident news anchor. My fascination with journalism only grew stronger with time, and when I was just 17 years old, I landed my first big job as a reporter at The FINANCIAL media company.

Although I was still a teenager, the Editor in Chief of the newspaper gave me a chance to write articles. It was a daunting challenge as I had to write articles about the intricacies of business and economics. However, with the unwavering support of the FINANCIAL team, I successfully produced articles that met their rigorous standards.

In addition to writing about economics and business news, I also explored my passion for the beauty industry and fashion. These topics have always held a special place in my heart, and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to write about them.

Looking back, my journey as a journalist has been nothing short of extraordinary. From my humble beginnings as a notebook reporter to my current role as a seasoned journalist, I am grateful for everything.

For about four years I worked as a reporter for a TV channel. After a while, I started my own personal TV blog where I co-hosted with my partner. We traveled around Georgia, reviewing various interesting places. This program was similar to a well-known travel TV show.

Eventually, I returned to The Financial, where I was honored to become the video editor and review premium hotels in Georgia. My husband, Zviad Pochkhua, who is the Editor in Chief of The Financial Media, suggested that I create a fashion and lifestyle magazine. He noticed my keen interest in fashion and photoshoots and trusted that I could manage the business and become the Editor in Chief of the magazine. I am grateful to him for his support because his trust in me has made GLOSSY Georgia what it is today.

Since the first issue of the magazine, I have been eagerly looking forward to working on each upcoming edition and making it even more special. I would also like to express my gratitude to my current GLOSSY team, without whom it would be difficult to achieve our current level of success. We have a fantastic team dynamic, from the marketing manager to the reporters and photographers – everyone works together seamlessly to make GLOSSY Magazine perfect.