Dirol Launches “Get A Taste Of It” Campaign in Georgia, Preparing “Great Initiatives” for 2023

Global chewing gum brand Dirol, owned by the multinational food and beverage company Mondelēz International, based in the United States, continues to develop its product line in Georgia.

Recently Dirol in Georgia launched a new campaign “Get A Taste of It”. When there are so many interesting things around us nowadays, people could easily be distracted. It can be difficult to focus. Dirol offered the bright and long-lasting taste which makes your favorite things even more pleasant without any distraction. The idea is that with Dirol you plunge headlong into everything you like, and nothing can stop you.

“Now we are preparing great initiatives for this year – for example, we will be participating in big modern hype events,” Nukri Vacheishvili, Key Account Manager for Mondelēz Georgia, told Golden Brand.

Dirol once again won the country’s most influential business award, the Golden Brand, reflecting its place as Georgians’ favorite chewing gum.

Q. Georgian customers have named Dirol their favorite chewing gum again this year. How did Dirol get this recognition, in your opinion?

A. Dirol is very up to date ⁠— trendy, tasty and relevant to our target audience.

Last year we organized a new equity campaign “Live Fresh”, launched two new products and the Dirol Music Mix special SKU in Georgia – all of this drove the growth of the brand.

Q. Golden Brand is given to brands following successful operations of the previous year. Please summarize the year 2022.

A. It was an extremely challenging year for all of us, but we managed to keep close to our consumers by targeting “zoomers, who chew gum to refresh their mind and maintain focus on daily important activities.

During and after the pandemic the chewing habit decreased, but last year we returned to growth, indeed double-digit growth.

Q. What are the recent developments of Dirol as a brand? Please share the brand’s progress on the Georgian market.

A. In recent years we have been staying relevant to our consumers by offering juicy new original flavors.

Q. Please tell us about the future plans of Dirol in Georgia. Do you plan to introduce new products to Georgia and which would those be?

A. We cannot reveal all the details, but we are going to take part in big events for young people and have a full pipeline of innovations for this year.

Q. What share does Georgia have in the countries where Dirol is present?

A. The Georgian market is one the most important for Mondelēz. We have been developing our brand here for a long time, but there is still enough room for experiments and new achievements.

We see that buying Dirol has become a stable, everyday habit of Georgian consumers.

Q. Please tell us what makes Dirol unique and why Georgian customers love it.

A. Dirol is unique due to relevant positioning among young people – our consumers trust our brand and recognize it as part of their daily lives.

We also have a strong portfolio of fruit flavors preferred by “zoomers” that drives sales.

Q. What are some investments Mondelēz makes in the Georgian market to promote Dirol?

A. We have been significantly increasing investments to media, in-store and consumer promo in recent years to gain even more ambassadors in the Georgian market.

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