Franco Fontana Director: First to Introduce Italian Gold Standard to Georgia

Franco Fontana, a well-known and dynamic fine jewelry brand from Italy, continues to make a lasting impression on the Georgian market with its innovative, artistic and quality designs.

Company Director Maka Razmadze told Golden Brand in the following interview that Franco Fontana was the first in Georgia to introduce the Italian gold standard.

Q. Franco Fontana has won its fourth Golden Brand award for being the favorite chain of jewelry stores. How does the brand maintain this title?

A. Receiving a Golden Brand award is a great honor for our team, but it also comes with great responsibility. The road to success is not easy. It requires tireless work, gaining the goodwill and trust of customers, maintaining quality control, and having an effective marketing strategy. Only after successfully satisfying these components can a brand become successful. This is the path to success that Franco Fontana has followed.

Q. How do you view this recognition from the Golden Brand?

A. The most pleasant and prestigious award for any brand is being nominated as the favorite brand by consumers. Franco Fontana is extremely proud of achieving this.

Our main goal for 2023 was to meet customer expectations, and throughout the year we offered a wide variety of quality and trendy jewelry that would suit people of all tastes.

Additionally, we added different types of raffles from 2023 and have had winners too. Each happy customer provides us with the greatest incentive to create a more refined, warm environment full of surprises and innovations.

Q. Please tell us your opinion of how Franco Fontana has made itself memorable to its customers.

A. I would like to highlight that at our brand, both product quality and friendly customer service are given equal importance. We at Franco Fontana always strive to implement innovative strategies in the jewelry market. Furthermore, we are proud to be the first company to introduce the Italian gold standard to Georgia.

We make it a point to add new and sophisticated jewelry from renowned brands every year so that our customers can have the best experience possible. As an example, this year we have added the exclusive collection of Italian brand Nanis to our offerings.

Q. Please tell us more about this brand.

A. The Nanis brand is built around the concept of dreaming, breathing new life into jewelry. Their iconic products can be magically transformed with a simple touch, from bracelets to necklaces, or from elegant styles to everyday wear.

Each product is characterized by perfected manual engraving, and Nanis’ gold pearls have dazzled consumers for years. The beauty of these jewels can even become a source of inspiration for many. You can find the unique collection of Nanis in the Franco Fontana branch at 7 Pekini Street.

Q. In addition to Nanis, what other brands are available at Franco Fontana stores?

A. I will tell you about some of the exclusive brands presented at Franco Fontana stores. Their products are crafted with exquisite care, beautiful forms, and Italian jewelry tradition.

Extraordinary diamond jewelry designed to emphasize your individuality are available in 750 selects at Franco Fontana stores and is accompanied by an international certificate of quality.

The Dorica collection stands out for its use of cutting-edge laser processing technologies.

The Italian brand Maxioro exclusively presents its men’s line at Franco Fontana.

Caoro, which has upheld its commitment to excellence as a distinguished brand line known for Italian goldsmithing style and aristocracy for over 20 years.

Pomi, a brand known for its unique style and colors, each product carrying a strong feminine charge with a romantic-melancholic feel.

Q. What are Georgian customers’ favorite kinds of jewelry based on sales figures?

A. Every year trends in jewelry change. The most fashionable and top-selling pieces of jewelry for 2023 were as follows: exclusive jewelry pieces adorned with colored precious stones available only in our jewelry space, earrings with varying lengths and shapes, multi-layered necklaces, vintage style chains, unique diamond engagement rings, and men’s jewelry.

Q. And which is your favorite one?

A. As a multi-brand company, choosing a favorite brand from Franco Fontana collections can be difficult. However, I must say the Dorica collection is undoubtedly one of my favorites. The collection is laser-cut, and when I wear Dorica earrings, people always ask me what gems they are. I always smile and explain that the earring is completely gold and is treated with a unique laser technique that gives it a wonderful shine.

As a customer, I value a pleasant and aesthetic environment, which is created by the service staff. When you enter any of our branches, you feel the entire team’s focus on helping customers and making them happy. I believe this is one of the main characteristics of Franco Fontana.

Q. What will Franco Fontana’s priority for 2024 be?

A. Franco Fontana has been operating in Georgia for 20 years, with six branches located in Tbilisi at the following addresses: Rustaveli 26, Chavchavadze 21, Pekini 7, Galleria Tbilisi, City Mall Saburtalo, and City Mall Gldani.

Customers can also purchase jewelry online and have it delivered to any address throughout Georgia.

Our priority for 2024 is to add new jewelry and update the collection with fashionable and unique products, promising much more interesting news for our loyal customers.