Chasing Goals and Balanced Living with Taste: Herbalife Preparing ‘Several Amazing’ Product Launches in Georgia This Year

Achieving overall well-being is a project that depends on the balance of our physical and mental health, as well as our future aspirations. Herbalife, a global healthy lifestyle and wellness community, offers support in this journey with a wide range of products carefully designed to help us meet our needs and achieve our goals.

For over 40 years and in more than 90 countries, Herbalife has empowered millions of people to make real changes in their lives with its science-backed products, the support of a coach – Herbalife Independent Member or nutrition consultant – and the opportunity to build a business.

Independent Members provide their client with nutrition plans tailored to the needs of customers following Herbalife guidance. From protein shakes and bars to food supplements and skin care, Herbalife products are trusted by its customers and make chasing goals taste great.

Nina Kandelaki, Regional Vice President of Herbalife, told Golden Brand that the company is preparing “several amazing product launches” in Georgia in 2024, while it upgraded six new flavors of Formula 1 protein shakes last year.

Founded in 1980, Herbalife came to Georgia in 2011.

The company has won its third Golden Brand award in the country as local consumers’ favorite balanced nutrition brand.

Q. Herbalife has recently won the Golden Brand award in the ‘Balanced Nutrition’ category. What do you think makes Herbalife deserve this honor?

A. It is indeed a great honor for Herbalife to receive the Golden Brand Award in Georgia for the third time. I believe that this recognition is a great indicator of popularity and the quality of our products among consumers in Georgia and testifies to the great results of our Independent Members and their clients.

Like our Independent Members, we don’t stop. We continually extend our product line as well as expand Herbalife business opportunities to anyone who wants to start their own business.

Q. Golden Brand is an award given to brands for their successful operations in the previous year. Can you provide a summary of Herbalife’s achievements in 2023?

A. As far as local projects, last year we launched six new products and a new culinary book in Georgia.

l also want to highlight business opportunity topics because we talk a lot about it in all our markets. We have recorded and published impressive success stories from our Independent Members from different countries, which are available on Herbalife websites, and which offers inspiration and deepens understanding of how Herbalife can change people’s lives.

Q. In general, what do you think the main reason behind Herbalife’s success in Georgia is?

A. Our business model offers the flexibility and freedom of having your own business*. It is important to note that Herbalife is not just a company that helps people sell quality science-backed products, it is a unique community where people can learn the principles of balanced nutrition, adopt a healthy lifestyle, and develop their leadership and financial potential.

Moreover, we monitor nutritional trends and improve the formulas of products. Good example from the Georgian market – six new upgraded tastes of Formula 1 protein shakes.

Q. How has 2024 begun for Herbalife and what are your expectations for the company this year?

A. This year we will continue to support our community, present new products on different markets including Georgia, and reinforce Herbalife as the number one brand in the world in weight management and well-being**.

Q. Can you share any recent developments from Herbalife as a brand in Georgia?

A. Last year we modernized our brand, and significant changes affected not only the Herbalife logo but also the meaning of it. The tri-leaf symbol represents how we enhance total well-being: physically, emotionally, and with a financial opportunity. And these are three key development points for Herbalife.

Q. What new products has Herbalife recently introduced, or plans to introduce in the nearest future in Georgia?

A. We are preparing several amazing product launches in Georgia this year. The first will be F1 Express protein bars with dark chocolate flavor. Not a snack, but a nutritious meal replacement. Also, they are perfect for vegetarians and contain no artificial colors.

Q. Herbalife is involved in corporate social responsibility activities in Georgia. If you can, please share these activities for the year.

A. To support our efforts in promoting a sustainable future, we are reducing our use of plastic, using more recycled materials, and decreasing the amount of packaging for Herbalife products. We also gather plastic for recycling in our Sales Center in Tbilisi.

Disclaimer: *A typical achievement come from hard work. Most distributors earn some extra money. For more, see

Disclaimer: **Euromonitor; CH2024ed, weight management & wellbeing definition; combined % RSP share GBO for 2023.