Carsil Forte Becomes No.1 Hepatoprotective Drug in Georgia

Carsil® Forte, a natural detox and liver protection drug, has become the winner of the Georgian business award, Golden Brand. Experts and the customers named Carsil® Forte their favorite hepatoprotective drug in a survey conducted by the Golden Brand.

Kristine Nozadze, the Director of Sopharma Representation in Georgia and Armenia, a pharmaceutical company producing Carsil® Forte, reviewed the brand’s success in Georgia in an interview with Golden Brand.

Q. What led Carsil® Forte to this recognition from Golden Brand, in your opinion?

A. The liver is the main “filter” of our body and performs the most important function. A polluted environment, food saturated with preservatives and various chemical additives, medicines, alcohol, tobacco ⁠— all endanger the liver every day.

Carsil® is an herbal medicine that contains the active ingredient silymarin, which is obtained from milk thistle seeds. It protects the liver from toxins and various harmful effects, and promotes restoration of already damaged liver cells by stimulating regeneration.

Carsil® Forte has existed in Sopharma’s portfolio for a long time, including in Georgia, and due to its importance and wide recognition, it is actually the company’s business card!

We believe that due to European quality, effectiveness and safety, Carsil® Forte has become a favorite brand for many customers.

Q. How long has Carsil® Forte been available on the Georgian market and in which pharmacy chains is it sold?

A. Carsil® as a liver medicine has been on the Georgian market since 2005. Carsil® Forte, as an innovative encapsulated form with a higher content of silymarin, has been available to Georgian consumers since 2010 and can be purchased at any pharmacy.

Q. Can you share sales statistics for the product?

A. In 2022 sales of Carsil® Forte in Georgia showed a 61% increase compared to the previous year, which is three times higher than growth trends of the pharmaceutical market in general.

Although the Georgian pharmaceutical market offers various drugs and biologically active supplements with hepatoprotective action, Carsil® Forte has no equal for liver protection and treatment. Carsil® Forte quickly improves the patient’s clinical profile.

The well-expressed clinical benefits of Carsil® Forte are combined with minimal side effects. Carsil® Forte is a reliable product of Sopharma, a company with the modern GMP standards from the EU member state of Bulgaria. Combined with a healthy lifestyle and diet, Carsil® Forte contributes to the healthy functioning of the liver.

Q. Now let’s talk about the Sopharma representative office in Georgia. How long has the company been operating here?

A. Sopharma has representative offices in many countries, including Georgia since 2005. Georgia also represents a kind of logistics hub for South Caucasus, which is an important factor for business development and helps the company to have a fast and quality supply chain throughout the region.

Despite many challenges, the representative office of Sopharma has been successfully operating for two decades and maintains the image of a stable and reliable partner for Georgian pharmaceutical distribution and pharmacy companies. The company’s goal is to make our medicines available throughout Georgia, which is supported by our partner companies.

Sopharma products are distributed to such pharmaceutical companies as PSP, Aversi, GEPHA, Impex and Smartpharm.

Q. What is Sopharma’s contribution to enriching the Georgian pharmaceutical market?

A. Sopharma’s contribution to the enrichment of the Georgian pharmaceutical market is really solid, because the company produces not only original brands, but also many so-called generic medicines of European quality.

The company’s portfolio is rich in various forms of medicines, nutritional supplements and cosmetics: tablets, film-coated tablets, capsules, suppositories, drops, syrups, suspensions, injection forms, injection powders; also topicals such as cream, ointment, oil, shampoo, spray, masque and others.

Sopharma is the only manufacturing company that sells the anti-smoking remedy Tabex in Georgia. Together with Tabex, Sopharma continues to fight the deadly disease of nicotine addiction.

Q. How many medicine varieties do you import to Georgia and which is the sales leader?

A. Currently, Sopharma’s portfolio includes about 70 products in Georgia. Among Sopharma products in Georgia the leading position is occupied by the painkillers category, which is represented by such well-known drugs as Tempalgin, Spasmalgon, Analgin and Paracetamol.

Q. What are Sopharma’s plans in Georgia?

A. Sopharma has far-reaching plans in Georgia; this year the company is celebrating its 90th anniversary and as it grows, it plans to increase its investments and expand its portfolio in our market. For the Sopharma company, the production of medicines is not just a technological process, but also a social responsibility – to bring Bulgarian-made, European-quality medicines to more consumers, to improve the quality of life of more and more people!

Sopharma promises Georgian consumers many innovations and new brands. This year the company will introduce Carsil® Max to the Georgian market.

The most important thing is that Sopharma promises Georgian customers quality and reliability!

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