‘Breathe, Live, Relax’: Krtsanisi Resort Residence Creates Unique, Desirable Living Option in Tbilisi

Krtsanisi Resort Residence, located in the prestigious Krtsanisi area of the Georgian capital city of Tbilisi, has been awarded the Golden Brand in the “Premium Class Residential Complex” category. As the first resort-style community in the area, it stands out for its exceptional quality, both in construction and infrastructure. The project offers diverse and innovative amenities unmatched in the local real estate market.

Mananiko Namoradze, Marketing Manager at VR Holding, the real estate development company working on the project, talked about the unique features that set this project apart from others and what makes it a highly sought-after option.

Q. Krtsanisi Resort Residence was awarded the Golden Brand in the “Premium Class Residential Complex” category. Can you please share what you believe contributed to this recognition and what it means to your brand?

A. VR Holding is a company that combines multiple projects. Krtsanisi Resort Residence stands out as an exceptional project, as it is the first resort-style community located in the most diplomatic area of Tbilisi, Krtsanisi. Everything is united in one space and the project reflects premium quality, both in construction and infrastructure.

Krtsanisi Resort Residence is distinguished by its diverse and innovative infrastructure. It boasts a 45-meter pool with a sandy beach and imitation sea waves, as well as numerous sports fields and recreational spaces. Winning this nomination once again confirms that Krtsanisi Resort Residence is truly one of the most outstanding, premium projects in Georgia.

Q. Why is this a unique project in the real estate market?

A. Krtsanisi Resort Residence is a modern residential area with premium-class planning. The construction of the complex began in 2010 by businessman Noshiko Namoradze and has been underway ever since. It is the first resort-type settlement built on 20 hectares of land in the historical and prestigious Krtsanisi area of Tbilisi. The project features a unique landscape design and diverse infrastructure, with low-rise buildings. The area includes educational, sports, recreational and entertainment facilities, along with residential spaces. Our innovative project introduces new standards that improve the quality of life of residents.

The recreational area covers 70% of the project and includes swimming pools with both standard and artificial sea waves, a sand beach, fitness centers, horse riding, mini golf courses, tennis courts, paddle tennis fields, football and basketball fields. The project also includes an educational space and a commercial building that houses a supermarket, cafes, salons, shops, workspaces, an indoor swimming pool and a fitness center.

Our motto is “Breathe, Live, Relax”, which reflects our commitment to providing residents with a comfortable, safe, high-quality, and ecologically clean environment.

Projects on the scale of Krtsanisi Resort Residence have become our company’s signature. We understand that it takes more than just building living spaces to create a successful project. A project of this nature requires a plan that encompasses entertainment, sports, recreation, and commercial areas. Our niche is to develop projects that yield benefits not only to us, but to all our residents. We strive to create modern living experiences with each of our projects.

We believe that it’s important to undertake construction in locations where the scale is big. Each of our projects is a significant investment, and we are among the leaders in the Georgian market in terms of the amount of capital invested. So projects of similar scale are crucial to the country’s economy and the development of the construction sector.

Q. When is the project due to be completed?

A. The complex is built on a 20-hectare plot of land and designed for approximately 1500 families. It consists of multiple phases, and as of today, the construction of the first, second, third, and fourth phases has been completed. The fifth phase is currently under construction and will be finished by December 2025.

I should note that we complete the infrastructure arrangement before finishing the construction of each building. This way, the residents can use the infrastructure as soon as they move in. As this project is a resort-type settlement, we prioritize creating maximum comfort for the residents and minimize any disruptions caused by noisy construction. We welcome our residents with a fully-equipped environment and infrastructure as soon as they move in.

Krtsanisi Resort Residence is a highly sought-after project, as evidenced by the fact that all apartments are sold before construction is even completed. Buyers can only purchase apartments in the buildings under construction, as we do not have any available in the completed phases.

We have apartments available for interested buyers in the fifth phase of Krtsanisi Resort Residence, which has been on the market for 15 years. Demand for our apartments keeps growing with time. Modern consumers are looking for a comfortable living environment that offers quality construction and innovative infrastructure, such as sports fields, sports halls, shopping centers, sand pools, and more. Our project offers all of these amenities, making it a unique and highly desirable living option that can’t be found elsewhere. I can confidently say that demand for Krtsanisi Resort Residence will continue to rise in the future due to the exceptional services, infrastructure, and environment that we provide.

Q. Tell us about VR Holding and its unique architectural projects.

A. VR Holding is a company that has combined several projects. One of the projects is Krtsanisi Resort Residence. Another project is VR Shekvetili Forest~Beach | By Paragraph, which is a new destination on the Black Sea coast. The project includes various residence types, premium quality villas, a 5-star hotel, pools, spa and wellness centers, restaurants, sports fields, and recreational spaces. The project is expected to be completed in August 2026. VR Holding has signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Georgian Co-Investment Fund to ensure that it is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Paragraph.

We are also launching a new project called VR Vake Skyview Tower, a modern planning premium class project at 49 Chavchavadze Street, Vake. The tower will be 180 meters tall, making it the tallest building in Tbilisi. It is worth mentioning that the highest swimming pool in the South Caucasus will be situated on the top floor of this multifunctional complex. Additionally, a helipad will also be installed on the roof of the building.

The project will widen roads, build recreational areas and parking spaces, and offer various amenities like fitness centers, swimming pools, and restaurants. Apartments will be delivered to residents fully furnished with high-quality repairs and appliances.

The project is expected to be completed by December 2027 and will add significant value to Tbilisi.