Timeless by Nino Didia – Most Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic in Georgia

A believer in timeless beauty, Nino Didia, doctor and cosmetologist with 20 years of experience in Ukraine, has established a new aesthetic center – Timeless by Nino Didia – in Tbilisi and is already raising standards in the field.

The one-year operation of the aesthetic center did not go unnoticed by local consumers, which recognized Timeless as the most dynamically developing brand of 2022 at the Golden Brand awards.

Nino Didia sat down with Golden Brand to share the dizzying journey of the company towards success and introduced her company to our readers.

Q. From Ukraine to Georgia ⁠— please tell us why you decided to establish a company in our country, what was your goal?

A. ‘Timeless’ is my dream come true. My goal was to introduce patients in Georgia to international practices in face and body care, to introduce the best cosmetology methods and innovative approaches.

Timeless by Nino Didia was established in September 2022 with the goal of introducing new standards in aesthetic medicine in our country. Since opening day, we have been focused on creating the most reliable and comfortable environment for patients ⁠— people who motivate us and encourage us to maintain our quality and offer even more innovations in the future.

It is so exciting to see that in just one year we have already achieved so much success, crowned by the Golden Brand award, which is our country’s most prestigious and influential business award.

We will continue to bring innovative approaches to the Georgian market. Very soon we will purchase a new, multifunctional device ⁠— a unique technology that is used to work on fine and thin wrinkles, to remove vascular pathologies, acne, unwanted pigmentation, scars, enlarged pores, and treatment of excessive sweating.

Q. Speaking of future plans, do you plan to expand?

A. So far we have only one branch, which is located on 12 Pavle Aslanidis street in Tbilisi, although we do not rule out expansion in the near future, both in Tbilisi and in other cities.

Q. What is the standard that you want to bring to Georgian aesthetic medicine with your clinic?

A. For us, it is a priority to help patients look perfect and maintain their individuality.

We help our patients “stop time” and become more self-confident. Our clinic uses only modern approaches and follows modern protocols. In order to improve the skills of our doctors, we undergo various personal training. All this gives us the advantage in establishing high quality service on the Georgian aesthetic medicine market.

Q. Tell us about these treatments that can “stop time” and make the beauty of your patients timeless?

A. We have everything to help our customers to take care of themselves and achieve the best results at our clinic ⁠— innovative, invasive and non-invasive procedures with modern approaches.

We offer the latest and safest methods of treatment.

Diagnosis of facial skin and hair, laser epilation; innovative body care equipment; a team of highly qualified doctors focused on quality assurance; and a pleasant environment suitable for the beauty industry. The procedures are carried out with the highest quality products with CE and FDA certificates.

The latest procedure, which we introduced in March, is spa manicure and pedicure. We saw there was demand from patients for this procedure and decided to go for it.

The procedure includes peeling, softening of the skin, and saturation of the skin with vitamins, both skin and nails. After the procedure, the skin becomes soft and velvety, while the nails become thicker.

I can also mention dysport injections, one of the most in-demand procedures at our clinic. Dysport temporarily treats moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows by reducing specific muscle activity.

Nowadays it is possible to partially or completely solve “beauty problems” with the right approaches, not surgically. The first thing is to consult a doctor and collect anamnesis. Our customers have no age limit. We help them take proper care of their skin, choose the right care line and keep their youth.

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