Italian Jewellery in Georgia: Franco Fontana Delivers Much-Needed Dose of Italian Glamor

Franco Fontana, a well-known and dynamic fine jewelry brand from Italy, continues to carve out a reputation as one of Georgia’s most innovative purveyors of fine jewelry.

The brand has been on the Georgian market for nineteen years, now with six stores, which follow new trends and bring everyday luxury into the Georgian customers’ life.

Quality, excellence and customer satisfaction are the most important values at every stage for Franco Fontana. These values helped the brand win the hearts of Georgian customers, who have named Franco Fontana as their favorite jewelry brand for the third year running.

Company Director Maka Razmadze said that, since the day of its establishment, Franco Fontana’s stores have been offering the most “trendy, fashionable and famous” brands to the Georgian consumer.

“The Franco Fontana jewelry store chain offers a diverse collection of the finest Italian gold, diamond and silver. This is a brand that very often updates its collection for its loyal customers,” Razmadze said.

Q. What does Franco Fontana offer Georgian customers? What can customers find in your stores?

A. Gold jewelry is an irreplaceable accessory that is relevant at any time. Franco Fontana’s gold jewelry is ideal for both women and men, so we offer them the most sophisticated, modern style.

Q. What are the top-selling pieces at Franco Fontana stores?

A. From the trendy jewelry of 2023 Franco Fontana selects the following top selling pieces: extraordinary diamond jewelry; Gold Art collection, distinguished by the latest laser processing tech; Italian brand Maxioro’s men’s line, exclusively presented in Franco Fontana; the CAORO line, which stands out even more for its authentic representation of the style and traditions of Italian goldsmithing; Pomi – a brand that brings colors to jewelry and characterized by a special feminine and romantic collection;

and finally the silver collection, distinguished by high quality and fantastic pieces of jewelry.

I also want to mention that Franco Fontana’s silver products are coated in a thin layer of rhodium for extra strength and luster.

Q. How has Franco Fontana been developing on the Georgian market?

A. We began with one store and increased our presence on the market to six stores. We have managed to achieve this thanks to the loyalty of our customers and the efforts of our experienced staff, several of whom have been with us from the opening day of our first store.

We were able to turn from one store into a network of leading jewelry stores in Georgia.

Our company is a leader which introduced the Italian gold standard to Georgia. Our contribution to the development of the market is large. We introduced Italian, laser-cut gold jewelry. It is the achievement of Franco Fontana that precious stones, including diamonds, now come with certificates. Franco Fontana managed to raise the standards on the market and regulate them.

Q. How would you assess the development of the jewelry market in Georgia?

A. The jewelry market in Georgia is really diverse; as regards quality, the customers’ budget should be taken into account when evaluating this. To give an example of our brand, our items meet all international standards and have quality certificates; so when buying jewelry at Franco Fontana, quality is guaranteed, and the customer only has to worry about the look.

We also introduced the Italian gold standard to Georgia. These are the main reasons why Franco Fontana maintains the Golden Brand award.

Q. What is the competitive advantage of Franco Fontana?

A. As you know, every major brand on the world market has competitors. As for Franco Fontana, we offer our customers a collection of high quality gold, silver and diamonds, as well as exclusive exhibition items presented only in our chain of stores.

We offer the best customer service thanks to our attentive consultants, who are always ready to help customers choose their jewelry with a smile. We create a very pleasant and warm environment at Franco Fontana stores.

Also, compared to other jewelry stores in Georgia, we offer a wide variety of different brands of different price categories under one roof. These brands are Dorica, Maxioro, Caoro, Gold Art, Pomi and others. Customers can find affordable jewelry pieces at our store and this helps satisfy all customers.

Q. What are your plans for 2023?

A. Our goal is to be able to meet the expectations of customers this year as well.

To offer a diverse selection of quality and trendy jewelry and to satisfy the tastes and desires of all customers. We also added lotteries in 2023. We already have winners ⁠— lots of happy customers, which gives us even more incentive to provide satisfaction to our customers now and into the future.

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