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Kgroup to Become Largest Metal Products Company in Transcaucasia

Georgian construction and repair company  Kgroup, which is also involved in metal goods, has ambitious plans to become the largest metal products company in Transcaucasia.

Herbalife Nutrition Brings Healthy Nutritional Habits to Georgia

Herbalife Nutrition, a global company that has been changing people’s lives with nutrition products in Georgia for more than ten years, continues to move forward and help people live a happy life by implementing various eco-initiatives and global sustainability projects in the country.

Industrial Construction Company Ecohouse Rebrands Itself, Establishes as a Holding

One of Georgia’s largest industrial construction companies, Ecohouse, has transformed itself into a holding company, and will continue operations on the market as IC Holding.

Allstone Expands in Georgia, Opens New Showroom in Tbilisi

A Georgian company specializing in procurement of high-quality stones from its quarries, Allstone, has expanded in Georgia, opening a new office and showroom to offer a larger assortment and volume of its products.

New Product Lines Coming to Georgian Market From Betek

Turkish paint manufacturer Betek will offer a new product line to Georgian consumers this year, which ‘we anticipate will also lead the paint sector in 2022’, says Arzu Uludag Elazig, Deputy General Manager Marketing of the company.

Betek Fayfiks to Improve Presence on the Georgian Market With New Products, Sales Points

Turkish cement-based tile and ceramic adhesive brand Betek Fayfiks will expand on the Georgian market and increase its presence by introducing new products and expanding its sales network.

Anchor – Georgian Consumers’ Favorite Foreign Brand of Butter

An iconic New Zealand brand of butter, Anchor, continues to provide a variety of butter in Georgia to suit consumer tastes.

Leader of Pharmacy PSP Faces Industry Challenges Having High Standards

Georgian pharmaceutical company PSP is currently undergoing the process of obtaining certification of good distribution practices (GDP), which guarantees the minimum standards that a wholesale distributor must meet to ensure that the quality and integrity of medicines is  maintained throughout the supply chain.

Future of Milka in Georgian Market: Gift Boxes, Healthier Snacking And More Careful Work

2021 was a year of recovery from the consequences of the pandemic for Mondelez, and the company aimed to increase its marketing and carry on bringing innovations to consumers.

“The Market Is About Fully Recovered”: Dirol Reveals Some Post-Pandemic Results

Global chewing gum brand Dirol, owned by Mondelez International, continues systematic development of its business on the Georgian market, now one of the largest markets for the company with “encouraging growth rates”.

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