NINO ENUKIDZE, Perfect Store Activation Manager of Mondelēz Georgia
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Milka Wins Fourth Golden Brand Award as Favorite Chocolate of Georgian Customers

Milka, one of nine global chocolate brands in the Mondelēz International family, won its fourth Golden Brand award in a row in the category “favorite chocolate brand”.

About 2,000 customers and more than 100 experts who participated in the survey of Golden Brand named Milka their favorite chocolate.

Nino Enukidze, Perfect Store Activation Manager of Mondelēz Georgia, shared her impressions of Milka’s win in an interview with Golden Brand.

Q. Georgian customers have named Milka their favorite chocolate brand again this year. What brought Milka this recognition, in your opinion?

A. We enjoy two keys to success ⁠— first the power of the Milka brand, and second, brand communication.

Last year we also significantly increased investment in media and digital, launched a new equity campaign, and updated Milka packaging.

Altogether, this helped us to win the hearts of our consumers again.

Q. Golden Brand is given to brands following successful operations of the previous year. Please summarize the year 2022.

A. It was a tough year for the whole team, but we managed to drive positive changes in the market in Georgia through intensified digital activity and strong media support, and outdoor campaigns during the Christmas season.

Last year we were also happy to get the global Effie award, which inspires and champions the practice and practitioners of marketing effectiveness globally, for the Milka “Tender Words” campaign. For us it’s a very important award, as it reflects our efforts to inspire tenderness among people and make relationships between people a little more caring and tender.

Milka grew by double digits in our country last year.

Q. How has 2023 begun for your company, and what are your expectations?

A. We began this year with the new equity rollout on all the platforms. We also carried out a tailor-made promo with Spar, and a spring seasonal with Milka pralines.

Q. What are some recent developments of Milka as a brand? Please share the brand’s progress on the Georgian market.

A. Milka is positioned globally as an ambassador of tenderness, that’s what we stand for and what we have brought to our consumers over 100 years all over the world. Recently in Georgia we have kept our focus on tenderness in line with the global equity message.  

Q. Please tell us about the future plans of Milka in Georgia. Do you plan to introduce new products to Georgia and which would those be?

A. Georgian customers are one of the most snack-friendly audiences. We see that they are eager to try new products and flavors. That’s why we are encouraged to offer new products. But precise flavors and design are a secret!

Q. What share does Georgia have in Milka’s global presence?

A. We consider the Georgian market a focus market for our business.

Years of work here have shown that local customers greet our innovations with enthusiasm and excitement. So we definitely want to continue investments in the growth of our brand here.

Q. Please tell us your opinion, what makes Milka unique and why do Georgian customers love it?

A. Milka is unique because of the tenderness of its chocolate and smooth milky taste – this is what brings customers back to us.

Q. What investments does Mondelez make in Georgia to promote Milka?

A. We are increasing our investments in TV, digital and outdoor every year with special attention to the Georgian market as we see positive feedback from consumers here. Milka Georgia is one of the biggest markets in Eurasia BU and we focus on that.

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Milka Announces Priorities in Georgia:

Milka, one of nine global chocolate brands in the Mondelez International family, is continuing to develop its presence on the Georgian market, planning to strengthen marketing support investments and develop seasonal offerings.