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Welcome to the Greatest Golden Brand Award Ceremony

Golden Brand Award Ceremony has been conducted annually since 2006. It is deemed to be the most prestigious and influential business award in Georgia. olden Brand reveals and awards those companies which have achieved the utmost success in the branding of their business. The popularity of the various brands is revealed through a preliminary survey with a key focus on creative branding-related solutions.

Awards Ceremony
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Think carefully about your business. Is there a specific area of business you feel your company has excelled in over the last 12 months? Is there a person or project which stands out from your other parts of the business? Or has the whole business delivered excellent growth?

15 years experience
Golden Brand is the leading award for businesses and projects favored by experts and consumers in Georgia. The final, culmination point of the project is the mega show, an award ceremony where our guests will walk on the red carpet and enjoy glamour atmosphere, Georgian Supra at the round table
Golden Brand- support
The Award Ceremony will be held at the Hotels & Preference Hualing Tbilisi, under the support of Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, International Chamber of Commerce, Business Council of Switzerland and Georgia, European Foundation and Association of Entrepreneur Women in Georgia
The guests
A lot of people will hear about your support to the event, particularly, the ceremony audience, managers and founders of more than 100 companies, honorable guests, representatives of international brands, the representatives of governmental authorities and diplomatic corps.