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Kordzadze Law Office Soon to be at New Location in Old Tbilisi

Kordzadze Law Office, a leading law firm in Georgia, will soon provide its wide choice of qualified legal services from a new location. 

Zviad Kordzadze, managing partner and attorney at Kordzadze Law Office, told us that ‘in the nearest future the law firm is moving to a new office’, on the Gorgasali street in one of the oldest districts of the Georgian capital city of Tbilisi, ‘in a quiet, interesting and beautiful location’.

The law firm is intending to diversify its legal services for both private and legal entities and offer ‘specific packages’, which will be a novelty in the field of legal services. Kordzadze said that due to diversification of the firm’s legal services, it will be possible for the firm’s legal services to become accessible to a wider range of potential clients. 

Kordzadze Ław Office has been operating on the Georgian market already for 25 years rendering full spectrum of quilified legal services to its clients. Through the partners with which the Law Office has a long term cooperation, the firm provides its clients with services such as notarial, translation and auditorial services.  

This year the firm received the Golden Brand award, becoming the number one favorite legal firm in Georgia. This is the 13th Golden Brand award for the company.

Q. How has the coronavirus pandemic affected the activities of Kordzadze Law Office? What challenges has it created and how has the firm overcome them?

A. I would not say that the pandemic has had a significant impact on the legal business in Georgia. There was a period during last year and a half that was characterized by some peculiarities, as employees had to work remotely. Of course, the processes that took place online were also characterized by certain peculiarities, however, the pandemic did not cause neither the significant change for us, nor in the regular behavior of clients. 

There was a period when there were complaints arisen out of labor relations due to the pandemic, but this did not take on a tendentious nature. 

The most obvious change has taken place in terms of investment, I would say, because investments have been suspended completely.

I would also like to highlight that the companies we serve on a regular basis often need consultations related to employee optimization.

Q. Is the Georgian legal field in compliance with European standards? What suggestions would you have to further the development of the field?

A. In terms of the licensing and ethics of lawyers, the legal field of Georgia is in compliance with EU standards. However, the issues related to establishing legal firms (who has the right to establish a law firm, who should be its manager, etc) and regulating their activities still needs certain improvements. 

Under the current law, anyone with a non-legal education can set up a law firm, the firm may be managed by a “non-legal” director, hire lawyers, and engage in legal activities. Such regulations, in my opinion, do not quite comply with the ethics, confidentiality and conflicts of interest principles established for the attorneys. This issue requires attention and we are working on this topic. 

As you know, I am also the head of the Association of Law Firms of Georgia, uniting 25 leading law firms. The Association has the initiatives which we will voice soon, in order to regulate the above-mentioned challenges in accordance with the reality.

Q. How involved are you in legislative changes? Do you cooperate with the government and give them advice when specific laws in the legal realm are being discussed?

A. We are involved in the processes of legislative changes. There may be issues related to the Code of Procedure, substantive law or surrogacy. We now have several legislative initiatives that will make the use of court and procedural codes more flexible and client-oriented.

Q. Kordzadze Law Office is the winner of the Golden Brand awards. What has brought this recognition to the company year after year? 

A. The key for clients is the aspect of stability and quality at the same time. Therefore, the fact that Kordzadze Law Firm has been a winner in this nomination for more than ten years, means to me that our company is characterized by stability in the local market for clients and experts who are surveyed, which is very important for clients. 

Award and recognition first of all shows that the firm maintains the status of a professional and ethical firm, otherwise experts would not single out our firm each year. It is very pleasant on the one hand, but at the same time it is a big responsibility, since we need to keep the same level or even better year after year. I cannot say that this is difficult for us, because we do not really do it for the awards – it’s just our line of business.

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