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ShvidiWine, a Georgian company that offers a wide range of materials, equipment and supplies for wine and spirit production, is getting ready for the grape harvest that will begin in September in Georgia’s winemaking regions of Kakheti, Imereti and Racha.

“We are introducing new offers in the pre-harvest period, in order for industry insiders to take into account what kind of inventory is available for them from the very beginning of wine production”, said Misha Meskhi, Managing Partner of  ShvidiWine.

In August, a new branch of ShvidiWine will open in the western Georgian city of Kutaisi, which will serve wine producers in western Georgia.

“Soon, the Kakheti region branch will be reorganized and a distribution network will be set up, which will make our delivery service more mobile throughout Georgia. At the same time, we are adding new products to our portfolio to meet the new requirements and challenges of winemaking”, Meskhi said.

ShvidiWine has been created as a new company from Shvidi, which was a major importer and distributor of food ingredients to Georgia. Two years ago Shvidi upgraded its visual image, improved the brand’s logo and created a new company, ShvidiWine.

Shvidi has recently received the most influential business award in Georgia: the Golden Brand.

ShvidiWine has offered new products to the customers such as French oak barrels, bottle washing machine, wine bottle folding do you choose the new products that you are going to bring to Georgia?

Introducing innovative products is our principle. However, innovation cannot be successful unless it is based on hard work and accurate calculations.

As you know, the wine sector is growing and there is a demand for high-tech materials and equipment. We take the process of choosing new products with extreme caution - a product is studied, tested in the Georgian reality, and only then we decide to put them in our portfolio or not. Listing recently introduced products would probably take us too long – those interested can receive information on our website or on social media.

Which is the most in demand product ShvidiWine currently ofers?

It is hard to say which is the most in-demand product. Demand for products changes year after year.

We have about 3,000 products in our portfolio. Different segments of winemaking have different requirements.

For example, the demand in industrial enterprises is radically different from the interests that exist in amateur or ‘summer house’ winemaking. Those involved in qvevri wine-making have completely different requirements.

Demand for products differs following the seasons as well. During the grape harvest, grape harvesting equipment is in demand, while in summer, items related to wine processing and bottling become more demanded.

How have the sales of ShvidiWine increased and what is the company’s market share currently?

We have experienced a steady 15-17 per cent increase in sales over the last four years. I think the dynamics of small and stable growth for the sustainable development of the company lay a solid foundation for future success.

As for the market share, first, we should say that the competition is very high in our business. We have many subdivisions such as wine auxiliary materials, filtration systems, industrial equipment and more. We are more or less positioned with a different market share in each respective directions. On average, we occupy 30 per cent of the market.

How has the coronavirus pandemic affected ShvidiWine?

Of course, the pandemic had a negative impact on the company. The store and showroom did not function for about 50 days.

The change in the exchange rate is the major challenge when the cost of goods that are already less demanded increases. We found a golden mean during this period. Employees switched to online contacts and services as much as possible. We have not left any questions or requests without response. During this time, our company has been offering customer service remotely.

Most small and medium-sized entrepreneurs simply stopped their economic activities, thus reducing the demand for wine production equipment and materials. However, large enterprises continue to work and the export of Georgian wine continues only with small delays, therefore we did not stop working and actively used the delivery service.

Some amateur winemakers have become more and more interested in vineyards and wine, and there is a growing demand from them.

Once again, winemaking has always been an active field in Georgia, despite all the difficulties.

Did you face any obstacles with the supply of products due to the pandemic?

Suppliers certainly had problems, but none of our partners stopped working. On the contrary, they actively contacted us and informed us that they would continue to work and asked us to continue to send them orders.

There have been small logistical delays, mostly in terms of delivery time, however, we have good partners and have been quite mobile in these extraordinary conditions.

ShvidiWine won the Golden Brand award for the successful activities of 2019. Could you please point out the most important achievements of the year?

2019 was the most active and busy year in the history of our company.

The main thing is the work done before: we have created the concept, processed and gathered wine subcategories in one space.

With our help, hundreds of wineries are creating quality products and developing following our recommendations. It’s not just commodity trading. The company operates in a field in which we have real competence.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected every aspect of life as we know it and has hindered the activities of businesses across the world, and in Georgia as well. The children’s clothing store Bebe + is not an exception: the company had to change its development plans once the virus struck, and find new ways to survive in the coronavirus crisis.

This is how the company started online sales via Facebook and continued offering clothes of different brands to its little customers.

“We planned to further expand in Georgia and open three new stores in three regional towns of the country by 2020. Following the demand from our customers, we decided to open our first stores in the Georgian towns of Rustavi, Zugdidi and Telavi. But the coronavirus pandemic has changed all of our plans. As soon as the situation in the country gives us the opportunity to do so, we will continue to carry out all the plans we had before”, said Inga Chitava, director of Bebe +.

Once the company started using Facebook for online sales, Chitava saw that the demand for the service started to grow, and decided to further strengthen the company’s e-commerce activities.

“During the coronavirus pandemic, once the government allowed e-commerce in the country, we launched Facebook sales and plan to expand in this regard. Today we satisfy the needs of dozens of customers every day. We can say that we laid the foundation for this new tool during the most difficult period for our company”, Chitava said.

As of today Bebe + has eight stories in Georgia’s capital city of Tbilisi, two in the Black Sea region town of Batumi and two in the third largest city of Georgia, Kutaisi.

Bebe + provides clothes for children from 0 to 16 years of age. The clothes are imported from Europe as well as from Asia and are all original brandnames.

Prices start from GEL 8 for a shirt, GEL 20 for trousers, and GEL 15 for a dress.

About 200 customers visit Bebe + stores every day.

Today, all the leading brands that produce children’s clothes can be found under the roof of a single store – Bebe +, which has cemented itself as the leading children’s clothing store in Georgia.

“All famous children's brands are represented in the stores of Bebe +. Recently new brands from Turkey and India have been added to our collections”, Chitava says.

To attract more customers Bebe + offers seasonal discounts and additional promotions for different holidays.

“Our main advertisement is our activities on social media: we have a lot of followers”, Chitava notes.

The dynamic development of Bebe +, which today has been recognized as the number one brand in its segment by the Golden Brand awards, started 19 years ago when two sisters Nana and Inga Chitava opened a seven square meter store in Bazroba – one of Tbilisi’s largest open-air markets.

In that little space, there was everything – a trading table, colored laminate walls, bubbles, a logo. The space was decorated in such a way so as to catch the eyes of children.

Success in the children’s wear market means understanding the industry and your place in it, Chitava believes. She says hard work and an honest approach to “the most sincere customers” (children) will never escape attention. In her words, it is exactly this that has brought the Golden Brand award to the company.

“Low prices, good quality, high level of service, customer-oriented campaigns and teamwork led our company to the Golden Brand awards”, Chitava said.

Chitava said that in addition to the coronavirus pandemic, businesses are facing a slew of other challenges as well.

“The main challenge for businesses today is the state’s approach. It could be more liberal than it is today. I have in mind the existing VAT system, and volatile bank interest rates.

“At this stage, due to the situation in the country, it’s hard to talk about serious development, because despite our desire, we have had to partially suspend our activities.

“After food, baby products are what people need the most. It is difficult to say what kind of challenges this pandemic will leave when it is over, but I wish there were more employed people in Georgia with a higher solvency rate”, she said.

Despite the challenges Chitava believes Bebe + has managed to successfully compete with local and global brands, of which being selected for a Golden Brand award is a good example.

“Next to the global brands that are represented in our market, it is gratifying that we took first place in your research. All this is because we provide quality goods at an affordable price. We are satisfied with this result but this does not mean we will stop looking to improve”, she said.


Global chewing gum brand Dirol continues to develop its product line in Georgia.

In the beginning of 2020, Dirol in Georgia launched a new flavor of chewing gum, coconut-strawberry, in line with increased demand for coconut flavored products.

“We are not stopping there, and we have more than one unique innovation prepared for our consumers. We cannot say more about new products for now, but we are sure that our consumers will like them because at the heart of everything we do we have our customers in mind”, said Serhiy Makoday, Commercial Lead for Caucasus.

Innovations are an important part of Dirol’s development. Last year, Dirol offered Georgian consumers three new products that immediately won their affection.

“We introduced an innovative product, Dirol 60 minutes, to the market. It is a definite champion of taste and freshness, as our studies show the taste lasts up to 60 minutes”, he said.

Dirol is imported and distributed to Georgia by Mondelaz Georgia.

Talk to us about the history of Dirol in Georgia. When did the distribution and sale of Dirol start on the Georgian market? How has this brand developed over the years? What were the biggest challenges and achievements?

The acquaintance of Georgian consumers with our product began many years ago because the brand is over 25 years old. We think of 2011 as the starting point when Dirol moved to our company after the acquisition of Cadbury. From then on, the systematic and steady development of this brand in the Georgian market has continued.

Our greatest achievement is winning the love of our customers, for whom, thanks to our continuous work and development, we have become a much-loved brand. And we do not stop with this achievement. We are doing everything we can to justify the choice of our consumers, surprise them with new products and give freshness to their every day.

How many products does Dirol offer to consumers in Georgia and which of them are the most in-demand?

Today there are more than 20 positions in our lineup. According to our observations, Georgian consumers prefer fruit flavors. Now the most demanding taste is Dirol’s Watermelon-Melon Cocktail.

Could you please summarize the year 2019 – what were the biggest challenges, biggest achievements?

Overall, 2019 was a pretty successful year for us. We developed and offered the market three new products that, judging by sales, our consumers liked.

The economic situation in the country also contributed to the market development and growth. And it is a great honor and pride for us to receive the Golden Brand award again - after all, this award is based on the consumers’ choice - and thus consolidated the success of last year.

How has Dirol become the number one brand in Georgia?

We are honored to be selected as the best brand in Georgia for the second year in a row. This means that our brand development strategy is efficient, and we are moving in the right direction. The success of our product is certainly based on its high quality. For us, quality is not up to discussion, and we are confident that our consumers recognize this and appreciate it.

The second component of our success is the idea that Dirol communicates: to live a vibrant, dynamic life, never stop with your accomplishments and always spare time for fun, adventure and pleasure. Our brand gladly supports consumers in this – being a constant source of refreshment, chewing gum refreshes one’s mood!

Another important aspect of our success is that we listen to our customers, anticipate their expectations and preferences as well as monitor current trends.

How did 2020 start for your company, what are your expectations?

The year started quite successfully, however, the global pandemic that reached the countries of the Caucasus and Eastern Europe in March, of course, significantly affected all spheres, changing the usual way of life of our consumers. Given the ‘new reality’, we are reviewing and adapting our strategies, plans and tactics to ensure the further development of the brand.

In such a difficult time, our company also pays special attention to charitable and social issues. For example, in cooperation with the Georgian Red Cross, we donated food packages to nursing homes and are planning to continue this initiative in the near future.

What makes Dirol a distinguished brand and how do you compete with the other brands on the market?

Dirol has a very diverse lineup of flavors that covers most of the preferences of consumers. In addition, every year we launch new products that work with both taste variety and innovation. We also pay great attention to communication with consumers and their encouragement – this year, we launched a national promotion for Dirol fans (details are on

As a market leader, Dirol has been waging fair competition for many years and holds its position thanks to the love of its consumers.

In general, what would you say about the Georgian market? How healthy is the competition here and how fast is the Georgian market growing?

Georgia is a fast-moving market that shows growth year after year. Economic sectors such as tourism, real estate, or retail demonstrate very good growth rates. More and more products and services are becoming available to consumers. Most major manufacturing companies with global brands are represented on the market, but at the same time, there are many local brands with unique, Georgian offerings. This makes the market diverse and very saturated.

We, at Mondelez Georgia, feel great demand for our products, we see that our brands are becoming a part of life for many consumers. Definitely, competition on the market is quite serious, but we are sure that it gives companies an additional incentive to move faster and provide consumers with the best offerings.

We believe in our product and our team, and this makes us constantly move forward and grow, putting the consumer at the top of our priorities. 

Milka, one of nine global chocolate brands in the Mondelez International family, is continuing to develop its presence on the Georgian market, planning to strengthen marketing support investments and develop seasonal offerings.

“We think of the Georgian market as one of the biggest in the Mondelez family, with great potential. For example, over the past year, we already entered several segments that are new for us: Milka chocolate boxes and bars. We are constantly working to organize our increasingly larger portfolio in a meaningful and purposeful way across different consumer needs. With this in mind, we will focus on our core line-ups, strengthen marketing support investments, but at the same time, continue to develop our seasonal offerings”, said Serhiy Makoday, Commercial Lead for Caucasus.

In an interview with Golden Brand, Makoday talked about the history of Milka in Georgia and its development path.

Elaborate on the history of Milka in Georgia. When did the distribution and sale of Milka start on the Georgian market and how has this brand developed during these years? What were the biggest challenges and achievements?

Since its introduction to the market in 2016, Milka has managed to win the hearts of many consumers. Our chocolate is deeply appreciated for its consistently high quality and great flavors. We do appreciate that even in turbulent times, сonsumers choose our products that are recognized, in particular, by awards like Golden Brand. The market is developing, and people are waiting for more offerings from us. So, we cannot but thank our consumers and do our best to surprise them with new options.

What do you think brought Milka this recognition on the Georgian market?

Milka is our iconic brand, one of nine global brands in the Mondelez International family. Its popularity is backed by the incredible quality of the chocolate.

Since the brand was born, the tender, creamy, melt-in-the-mouth product experience and milk coming from the Alps have been the core of the Milka promise. And will be forever. It is now supported by joining the Cocoa Life – ensuring that 100% of cocoa beans for Milka products are sustainably sourced.

Simply, our chocolate is unique and delivers the most tender melt, recognized and loved by people around the globe, including Georgia. We do believe that our idea ‘Tenderness is inside’ is the key to the connection between the functional side of the product and the emotional resonance we want to build with consumers.

How many products does Milka offer to customers in Georgia, and which of them are the most in demand?

In Georgia, Milka is represented by more than 10 units of regular lineup plus seasonal products. Traditional hazelnut and milk flavors are the most in demand and most loved.

How many customers does Milka have in Georgia and how has the number of customers increased year after year?

In just three years, Milka has gained strong standing on the Georgian market. We cannot speak in absolute figures but can say with certainty that the numbers are growing quickly. We can also say consumers are well-aware of our product and have a keen interest in new offerings. That is why we are actively opening new market segments with a view to effectively expand our loyal audience.

Could you please summarize 2019 – what were the biggest challenges, biggest achievements?

2019 was a successful year for us, with Milka growing along with the market. There were no significant ups and downs in the Georgian market, so we cannot name any specific challenges. However, we entered a new segment by launching Waffelini bars and broadened our core line-up. We also offered several seasonal products, because Milka, giving tenderness, feeling of warmth and celebration, is a great idea for any present.

How did 2020 start for your company, what are your expectations?

At the beginning of 2020, Milka demonstrated truly excellent performance.

We started with launching chocolate boxes ‘Say It With Milka’ which was a new segment for us in Georgia.

Then, proving that consumers are our top priority, we presented Milka Oreo Sandwich in cooperation with the world's most famous cookie brand. Mondelez has a rich portfolio, so we extensively use cross-brand cooperation in order to offer our consumers with the broadest possible choice. There is another interesting launch ahead but let us hold our cards for a bit.

Nowadays the world is facing the largest challenge in our recent history, so we must expand our thinking and act beyond the needs of the moment. In such difficult times, we are developing a new winning formula, and we are focused on anticipating consumers’ needs.

What makes Milka a distinguished brand and how do you compete with other brands on the market?

For almost 120 years, we have been improving the recipe formula, aimed to melt people and reveal their tender sides. We are always trying to achieve superiority by delivering strongly on Milka’s product truth: soft bite, undemanding melt and balanced flavor. Thus, maintaining high сhocolate quality and specific product features such us texture, taste profile, and Alpine Milk ingredient are they key for Milka’s continued success.

In general, what would you say about the Georgian market, how healthy is the competition here and how fast is the Georgian market growing?

Like the rest Eastern Europe, Georgia is one of our top markets due to its size. With this in mind, we are doing our best to ensure Milka’s stable and fast growing: we introduce only the best practices and innovations, at the same time trying to satisfy local preferences.

Georgian market is diverse, with many international brands and local jewels presented here. Nonetheless, we strongly support fair competition as it drives us to be the best we can be. Competition pushes the business to come up with new ideas and products, making your customers’ satisfaction the primary goal, so it’s beneficial not only for consumers but for companies as well.

Georgian fish processing company Umali will introduce new products to the local market this year, among which will be domestic raw materials such as Black Sea anchovies.

“The low cost of raw materials allows us to produce a product that will not be expensive and will be affordable to all consumers”, says the general director of Akhali Tevzi, Geno Naskidashvili.

Umali has already presented seven varieties of Black Sea anchovy products in test mode as Naskidashvili thinks that when introducing a new product, testing is essential to identify its potential success and determine the probability that consumers will take to the product.

“Preliminary internal research shows that the products are tradable and we hope to soon earn the affection of Georgian consumers”, he said.

In addition, this summer Umali will offer customers several varieties of fish snacks, which will be made with herring fillet.

“We hope this product will soon become one of the best-selling segments in the fish market and will be especially popular with beer lovers. We have several other news items which we will leave as a surprise for our customers”, said Naskidashvili.

Umali always indulges its customers with new products. What new products have the company offered recently?

We have introduced several new products such as cold-smoked Salmon barbecue, which is sold in 200g packaging and is already very popular among customers.

The next product is fish sticks, presented in 40 and 80-gram packages. We have five varieties of fish sticks and all of them are also very in demand, they are one of our best-sellers.

We introduced these products to the market last year.

Has Umali expanded in Georgia and entered new regions?

Yes. We have entered Adjara and Imereti regions of Georgia where we have been developing gradually. This process still continues.

Currently, Umali products are present at Ori Nabiji and Daily supermarket chains.

You said that this year Umali is going to use raw materials for producing new products. But where do you get the raw materials from in general?

In general, we produce fish products with local as well as imported raw materials. We mainly import raw materials from Norway.

As of today, we offer 55 sorts of fish products to customers that include salads, frozen, semi-processed fish products, roasted fish, cold-smoked fish, caviar and salted fish.

How has the production of Umali increased in 2019?

In 2019, statistically, our production increased by about 30%, which is certainly not enough for us. We will strive to double sales this year.

And will you consider the export of Umali products?

As for the export of products, due to the current situation, that is, of course, the coronavirus pandemic, negotiations have been stopped at this stage.

We hope that once the pandemic ends, we will quickly return to this issue and our products will be presented in at least three countries.

You mentioned the pandemic. What is the main challenge Umali faces due to the coronavirus?

At this stage, the main challenge is to keep jobs as much as possible and keep the development rate that was planned for 2020.


Umali is a fairly young company which opened in 2017 a modern processing plant, Akhali Tevzi, in Georgia’s Kareli region and it is the largest fish processing factory in the Caucasus.

Before this, there was no fish processing factory in Georgia.

The company founders have an ambitious goal: to replace imported fish products with locally produced ones, and in general to increase fish consumption in the country, where the market is saturated mostly with imported fish products.

Umali produces about 150 tonnes of different species of fish and caviar annually. 100% of the products are sold on the local market.

Wolt’s app now allows users to order produce from supermarkets

Wolt, a leading food delivery service out of Helsinki, is expanding its activities in Georgia.

Wolt has recently started delivering orders from the supermarkets and stores as well.

In an interview with Golden Brand, General Manager of Wolt in Georgia Natalia Khizanishvili promised that in the future Wolt will further expand food delivery service in the country and will offer a wider assortment of products.

Wolt entered Georgia in May 2018 and has been offering food delivery services in the Georgian capital city of Tbilisi and the Black Sea resort town of Batumi. Soon Wolt will enter Kutaisi

“In the near future, Wolt will enter the two Georgian city Kutaisi”, she added.

Over 20,000 couriers every day deliver food from over 10,000 restaurants in 80 cities in 22 countries. Wolt serves more than 5 million customers.

Wolt received its first Golden Brand award this year for the success the company achieved in 2019. The company adapted easily to the Georgian market thanks to its experienced international team.

Wolt has recently raised €100 million in financing in preparation for a possible economic downturn after the coronavirus pandemic. The main reason for the newest round of funding is to make sure the company is around for its couriers, restaurants, merchants and employees for years to come. The company helps all its branches during the pandemic and the possible economic downturn, including in Georgia.

Natalia Khizanishvili answered a couple of our questions about how Wolt works in Georgia.

How have sales statistics increased in 2019?

Wolt is one of Europe’s fastest-growing technology companies. In March 2020, the Financial Times published its annual rating of Europe’s 1,000 fastest growing companies, in which Wolt took second place. In the category of technology, the company took first place. Obviously, Georgia is no exception, and in the Georgian market Wolt has been growing very fast.

Currently, Georgian customers are able to order food from more than 500 restaurants in Tbilisi and Batumi. In addition to restaurants, from April 2020, it has been possible to order food from supermarkets and other convenience stores with Wolt as well. Dozens of supermarkets are cooperating with us and this number will grow in the future.

About 90% of the Wolt customers order food using our application. Behind these numbers is the fact that Wolt’s app is convenient to use, which is being improved on the daily by a team of 100 developers at company headquarters.

Wolt serves thousands of customers every da,y and the number of orders has been increasing day after day.

Which are the most in demand restaurants and food in Georgia?

Fast food restaurants are in high demand in our country, along with Burgers, Georgian cuisine, pizza, shwarma, sushi - these are the most popular categories.

However, Wolt strives to provide a variety of choices for customers, so Wolt not only offers customers delivery from the most popular restaurants in the city, but also tries to find hidden gems, cafes and bars or bakeries to make the most extensive and interesting choices for customers.

In the emergency caused by Covid-19, in addition to restaurants, there is a great demand for fast grocery delivery. Wolt quickly reacted to the demand from customers, and now delivers groceries from dozens of supermarkets.

At what time of day does Wolt get the most orders?

A.We get most of the orders during lunchtime. The evenings and weekends are also particularly active.

How do you choose food facilities to establish cooperation? Do you follow customers’ requests?

Wolt has developed certain criteria that a restaurant must meet in order to be included in our system. We are actively in search of new restaurants and new offers. Often customers also suggest adding a restaurant. We try to satisfy their desire.

How affordable is it for the customers to order food with Wolt?

Ordering food using Wolt is quite affordable and food prices do not differ from the regular prices. Often restaurants have special offers and discounts for Wolt customers.

The price of delivery service varies between GEL 2.50- 4.5 depending on the distance from the restaurants. In some cases Wolt even offers free delivery service options from different restaurants.

Could you please summarize the year 2019. What were the main challenges and achievements of that year?

The main challenge for 2019 was to deal with very rapid growth. We were able to go through a period of dynamic growth without compromising the quality of service and most importantly delivery speed. This was the most important task for us and required many human and analytical resources. As a result, we managed to become customers’ favorite brand and to be associated with high-quality service. We continue to work hard to delight our customers and be a good partner for our couriers, restaurants and merchants.

What can you say about the year 2020?

2020 has started with the difficult challenge of COVID-19. The state of emergency announced to avoid the spread of the coronavirus has changed our present activities as well as our future plans. Wolt and other delivery service companies were able to continue operations during the state of emergency. This situation has given great responsibility.

We needed to be able to work remotely not only to take the highest security measures but also to expand our operations. For example, we made all of our onboarding sessions for new couriers and restaurants virtual so that we would not gather many people together for longer periods of time.

Wolt was the first to introduce contactless delivery service. Given this situation, we decided to add delivery service from the supermarkets, and increased the number of partner couriers.

All of this has allowed us to adapt to changing environmental conditions in the shortest possible time, and we have been able to meet the growing demand for fast delivery service, not only for ready-to-eat foods but also for basic food items and other products.

The rest of the year remains uncertain – this is the first time that we’re going through first lockdowns, and now opening-ups. It’s difficult to predict how consumption of deliveries like ours will change as cities open up again. We’re cautiously hopeful that our customers continue to order on Wolt, and we continue to work hard to develop our service.

Congratulations on winning the Golden Brand award. In your opinion, why did experts name Wolt their favorite company?

Thank you, it’s a great honor. 2019 was crucial for Wolt. We started operations in Batumi, doubled the number of partner restaurants, implemented a number of large-scale promotional activities. As a result we have achieved very high growth rates, but at the same time we have been able to not only maintain but also improve the quality of food delivery and customer support services. There’s still plenty of work ahead, but we’re off to a good start.

An iconic New Zealand butter brand, Anchor, has become the No. 1 foreign butter brand in Georgia, winning the most influential and prestigious business Golden Brand award.

Anchor has been around for more than 130 years. Henry Reynolds, who founded Anchor, arrived in New Zealand from Cornwall in 1868.

His Anchor butter was recognized for its quality and soon went onto win a gold medal at the Melbourne Exhibition in 1888. The valued brand went from strength to strength and Henry decided to sell Anchor to the New Zealand Dairy Association in 1896, which was to become part of Fonterra Co-operative in 2001.

Inspired by the tattoo on a sailor’s arm, Reynolds chooses the anchor as his logo, symbolizing safe arrivals and reliability.

Today, the Anchor brand is owned by Fonterra, a global dairy co-operative with deep roots in New Zealand that collects 22 billion liters of milk annually.  Anchor butter is extraordinary in quality and loved by chefs and consumers everywhere.

Anchor butter is available in 140 countries, including in Georgia. The annual income of the company exceeds over $22 billion.

Made with only the freshest cream from pasture-fed cows, Anchor butter has no additives, no preservatives and no coloring.

The key of Anchor’s worldwide success is its quality, the control of which begins with pastures and continues at every stage of production.

The unique mild climate of New Zealand, the vast, evergreen pastures, and cows raised in an ecologically clean environment are what determine the consistently high quality of milk and, therefore, the butter of Anchor.

Anchor boasts a GRASS FED certificate which means that the butter is made from the milk of cows that graze on grass year-round.

“We would like to share our story of goodness from grass to glass with you. Our Anchor Brand comes from New Zealand, a source of pure goodness. Today, thanks to over 130 years of good ‘old dairy know-how, modern innovation and ingenuity, the goodness of Anchor is available in over 160 products and 140 countries”, said Lasha Babuadze, the founder of Iberia Product.

New Zealand is a country with a unique nature and climate, where a balanced amount of precipitation and sun makes it possible for all life to thrive. It is located on the southern edge of the world, between the Tasman sea and the Pacific ocean. This is a remote place from civilization, which helped protect and preserve the pristine nature and purity of New Zealand for thousands of years. The country is located on two large Islands – North and South-covered with dense forests, endless emerald-green pastures and majestic mountain ranges. The ecosystem is provided with both regular rainfall and the number of Sunny days per year, which creates ideal conditions for plant growth. Due to the temperate climate and fertile soils, pastures thrive here. The grass grows rich in nutrients and an incredibly juicy green color.

New Zealand has more than 6 million dairy cows, with a population of 4.8 million.

“Grass is a natural food source for cows, and New Zealand is an ideal place to grow it all year round. At least 2,000 hours of sunshine a year, a fair amount of rain, favorable average daily temperatures and vast expanses of fertile land – there are ideal conditions for dairy farming”, said Babuadze.

It is a well-known fact that well-groomed cows produce high-quality milk, that is why New Zealand farmers focus on growing green grass of selected quality and apply the best farming technologies to maintain the health and well-being of cows that are on natural, free grazing.

“They spend up to 90% of their time in open pastures each year, and 85% of their diet is green grass. New Zealand has won international recognition in the field of animal welfare. The global Animal Protection Index also assigns the country first place”, said Babuadze.

The New Zealand government prohibits the use of growth hormones and antibiotics in dairy farming.

“All this allows you to get excellent quality milk, unique in its composition”, said Babuadze.

New Zealand milk is a natural source of a biologically available form of calcium, as well as rich in a number of other essential nutrients, protein and vitamins.

“Butter is one of the purest dairy products in the world. Real New Zealand butter has a rich yellow color - due to beta-carotene - a natural yellow pigment that gets into the milk from the grass that cows eat in New Zealand all year round”, said Babuadze.

Anchor butter contains beta-carotene, which is converted to vitamin A in the human body, which is a powerful antioxidant and is essential for the growth and proper functioning of the eyes and bones, for healthy skin, hair and the immune system.

It also contains vitamin D, E and K, which promote height growth and bone strength. That is why Anchor butter is great for children.

The beneficial properties of butter do not end there. It contains omega 3 and omega 6, which are not produced by the human body, but are essential for its healthy functioning.

Butter contains vitamin CLA which reduces the number of fat cells and promotes muscle growth.

Anchor butter has been available on the Georgian market since 2018. That same year, 85 tonnes of Anchor butter were imported to Georgia. Due to the increased demand for the product and growing sales statistics last year, 130 tonnes of Anchor butter was imported into the country.

Anchor dairy is part of Fonterra, a co-operative owned by 10,500 farming families. In New Zealand, farming is a way of life.

“With more than 30 manufacturing sites across the country, we process about 16 billion litres of milk every year. We export about 95% of our local production to more than 140 countries”, said Babuadze.

“Look out for our Trusted Goodness quality seal on pack. It’s our promise, to New Zealand and the world, that when you buy one of our products, you’ll be enjoying the world’s finest dairy”, he added.

Rebranding, e-commerce, expansion in regions planned for 2020

Advanced Medical Technologies and Service, the medical equipment and disposables company in Georgia, is setting ambitious goals for 2020: to rebrand the company, launch a new platform for e-commerce, arrange retail networks in different regions of Georgia and receive the international standard certificate of ISO9001.

“Our company is at a new stage of development. All divisions of the company and all employees are actively involved in the process. We hope that the ongoing processes will be completed successfully by the end of the year and we will continue to work with renewed efforts starting already next year in accordance with international standards”, said George Nikolaishvili, Director and Co-Founder of Advanced Medical Technologies and Service.

Advanced Medical Technologies and Service has been operating on the Georgian market since 1998 and has been providing clinics and hospitals with medical equipment and disposables.

“It is hard to imagine that at that time, only five people were involved in creating this company. But the experience, professionalism and dedication of these people have brought the company to the present day. Now our company is one of the leaders in the medical field and an official representative of such famous companies as  Philips Medical Systems, Medtronic, BBraun/Aesculap, Terumo, Teleflex, Tuttnauer, Carestream (Kodak), Lysoform”,  Nikolaishvili says.

This year the company received its first Golden Brand award in the category of the best supplier of medical equipment and disposables.

What is the contribution of the Advanced Medical Technologies and Service in developing the field of your company’s operations?

World-leading companies are our partners, and through cooperation with them we have managed to hold various scientific and practical events in Georgia and also help Georgian healthcare professionals participate in international conferences, congresses and practical workshops. This way, we help Georgian specialists get acquainted with the latest technologies in the world and later introduce and use these technologies in their activities.

Ultimately, all of this will affect the level of various health services in Georgia and allow us to offer patients the highest quality services.

What technologies and methods have been exclusively offered and introduced by your company to Georgia?

Over the years we have implemented many important and exclusive projects. Fortunately, specialists working in Georgia, as well as investors, have a positive attitude towards innovation.

For the first time in Georgia, we have introduced a Philips-produced echocardiography machine with 4D technology, which was in the list of the first ten machines sold in Europe. Also, we were the first in Georgia to introduce a 4D ultrasound fetus scanner produced by Philips.

We introduced the first complete digital MRI machine and also the first hybrid angiography machine in Eastern Europe, both produced by Philips.

This year we will finalize work on introducing a fully digital PET-CT device, which will be used to diagnose more rapidly and accurately oncological diseases at the cellular level, which will help in the process of determining proper and effective therapies.

Another important project is the endovascular correction of congenital heart defects by minimally invasive methods, which was implemented in Jo Ann Medical Center.

We have introduced a computer navigation method for endoprosthesis of the knee and introduced the first BBraun / Aesculap computer navigation system in Georgia.

With the help of our partner company Medtronic, we introduced a baclofen pump that is a muscle relaxant medicine commonly used to decrease spasticity related to multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, or other neurological diseases. Also, with the support of Medtronic, for the first time in Georgia, implants needed for deep brain stimulation were implanted in a patient with Parkinson's disease, which in turn alleviates the symptoms of the disease.

As a result of hard work, the latest semi-automatic insulin delivery pump, produced by Medtronic, was introduced in Georgia for the first time this year, and a demo system has already been delivered to the first patient.

Another important project is for patients with atrial fibrillation to introduce a less damaging and more effective cryoablation method of cardiac tissue and to bring appropriate equipment to Georgia, which we have again implemented with our partner Medtronic. Georgia is one of the first countries in Eastern Europe to introduce this method.

How has the company ended 2019 and what do you expect from 2020?

2019 was an important year for us with internal reorganization activities: we expanded our local warehouse and established an updated logistics department, which made the work process more operational and flexible.

2020 is a year full of different and unexpected difficulties for everyone. Unfortunately, the challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic affected all areas. Nevertheless, our company has not stopped working even for a single day. We work closely with clinics and government agencies involved in the fight against the virus. This situation for us means double responsibilities and challenges.

Since planned operations have been suspended by the state, this has certainly affected both clinics and investors. Capital investments to purchase new equipment have been suspended. The demand for consumables has also decreased, although this is offset by the demand created by the fight against coronavirus.

We imported protective equipment necessary for medical personnel and citizens.

Unfortunately, the current situation has affected the prices of products and the increased demand in the world has led to an increase in prices from manufacturers. Nevertheless, we are trying our best to keep prices acceptable for our customers.

As part of the program of the fight against Covid-19, we provided certain medical equipment and consumables to the Republican Hospitals of Tbilisi and Rukhi hospital free of charge. We transferred personal protective equipment to the State Security Service. And also like other companies, our company also made a charitable donation to the StopCov foundation.


If you dream of having a unique, natural, eco-friendly home Georgian company, may help you realize the construction of your perfect home. supplies high-quality wooden homes and provides a healthy living environment with organic building materials, high indoor air quality and a warm, stress-reducing atmosphere. is a young Georgian company which started its activities just two years ago but has managed to achieve leading positions on the market, implemented dozens of projects in the Georgian capital city of Tbilisi as well as in the high mountainous regions of the country and on Black Sea resorts. has been gaining popularity and recognition over time. This year the company received the Golden Brand award, which is considered the most prestigious and influential local business award.

While continuing its impressive development on the local market, has set itself the goal of conquering the export markets as well and interest from European countries has already emerged.

The Director and Founder of Irakli Kandelaki says negotiations are underway with Germany and France “however, the coronavirus pandemic has temporarily hampered the implementation of this project.”, which in translation from Georgian means ‘hut’, is always made to suit its customers’ individual needs and lifestyle. The company’s goal is to create beautiful and functional homes in timeless design, and houses with which their residents fall in love.

Thatched wattle huts, cottages, small hotels and houses – these are the list of projects is capable to implement in any season of the year.

And most importantly, the houses of are quite affordable for customers. The company offers economy, standard and premium-class projects, where the lowest price stands at 650 GEL per sq.m.

You have received your first Golden Brand award thanks to your successful activities in 2019. Could you please summarize the year 2019 and also the beginning of 2020?

In 2019 the company has clearly made great progress. Awareness of significantly increased, and the number of orders also increased. We are extremely happy that the year was crowned with the most prestigious business award of Georgia, Golden Brand.

I think our company has attracted the attention of Golden Brand experts by actively cooperating with the tourism sector. Most of the projects of are designed for tourism purposes. Tourism, in turn, is one of the driving forces of the Georgian economy.

Also, what is very important and trendy in the modern world is that our product is environmentally friendly, made from natural materials and cuts down on heating and electricity needs as much as possible, due to its thermal and energy efficiency.

As for 2020, the beginning of the year was quite successful for the company despite the fact that winter is not considered a profitable time for the construction business. However, we were working actively, taking orders and implementing projects. But, unfortunately, developments around the world, I mean the coronavirus pandemic, have significantly changed the expectations we had for the second and third quarters of the year.

Like many other companies, we have also suspended our operations and resumed only in early May. We are trying to get back to our starting point now. At this stage, the biggest challenge for our company is the shortage of skilled workers.

How demanded houses are in Georgia and from which corner of the country comes the highest demand?

Wooden houses are a relatively new product in Georgia, but the demand is quite high. This is due to the fact that wooden houses are environmentally friendly, it is thermal and energy-efficient. The biggest advantage is that the construction process is much shorter than during other kinds of construction projects.

It is difficult to identify from which region of Georgia comes the highest demand for houses. Our wooden houses can be found in Svaneti, Khevsureti, highland Guria and Adjara, as well as in various resort areas, in Tbilisi and its surroundings.

The demand before the pandemic was almost balanced: both large and small houses were in demand. Now the demand has grown significantly for large houses.

How much time is necessary to build a house?

It depends on the project itself. Container-type houses are being created at our factory. As for large-scale constructions, they are erected on the construction site. The construction time of the houses depends on the complexity of the project, the climatic conditions, the internal repair works and could last from two weeks to three months.






The leading company in Georgia in the field of supply, installation and service of elevators, escalators and lift systems, Tech Engineering Group (TEG Lift), is implementing ‘several large, responsible and important projects’ in the regions of Georgia, according to the Director of Tech Engineering Group (TEG Lift) Irine Gloveli.

“Naturally, after the capital city of Tbilisi, the Black Sea resort city of Batumi is taking leading positions in our target area as the construction sector has been developing quickly there. We have started working on developing engineering solutions for multi-functional buildings and supplying equipment. We are talking about multifunctional complexes, where in the future consumers will be able to use the elevators and escalators of the world-renowned brand Kleemann”, said Gloveli.

“We have also very interesting projects in Svaneti, Guria, Samegrelo, Kakheti, Imereti regions of Georgia and Bakuriani and Gudauri ski resorts”, she added.

The ultimate goal of TEG Lift is to be the leading company and to promote innovations in the field, to improve staff qualifications constantly, to offer customized service packages, and to optimally apply existing company experience to every project.

“Offering the highest quality products and services to our customers remains the highest priority for our company at any stage of its development. We are actively working to provide simplified, complex products to the customers”, Gloveli said.

With this in mind, TEG Lift has created a new opportunity for customers, allowing them to create self-customized design for elevators that TEG Lift will make a reality.

“The first task of our company is to meet and provide customers with optimal, comfortable conditions, which is a crucial factor in today's competitive environment. In fact, we try to be partners to our customers. The synergy of the activities of our company and customers is acceptable and profitable for everyone”, said Gloveli.

This year TEG Lift received a Golden Brand award, becoming the number one favourite brand of both customers and experts.

TEG Lift was planning to open a shop-showroom of elevators, escalators, car parking and other lift systems in Tbilisi. Have you fulfilled this plan?

Yes, we already have a shop / showroom, which is harmoniously integrated with the interior of the work environment. The showroom features the products of world-famous manufacturers. Any interested party is welcome to our showroom where they are able to receive information about anything that interests them.

We also have other good news. In line with modern challenges, we have created an online platform,, which will allow customers to purchase basic components or spare parts of the elevator in the shortest possible time frame.

TEG Lift is involved in creating educational programmes. Could you please tell us about this initiative?

Through the coordination of the National Center for Quality Enhancement of the Ministry of Education, personnel of TEG Lift together with an invited group of professionals developed a vocational educational programme. The involvement in this activity was important for our company especially when we see that the market lacks qualified personnel and there are challenges in the field of engineering. The company is constantly thinking about the future and the development of professional staff.

In addition, we plan to organize meeting with everyone who is interested in construction activities including designers, architects, builders and introduce them to important issues of planning and construction of lift systems at all stages, taking into account modern standards and innovations.

Please summarize 2019 and the first quarter of 2020.

In 2019 the company has moved to a new stage of development. Accordingly, one of the main challenges has been to improve the company's management model and principles, taking into account modern safety requirements.

We have significantly improved service, which is completely tailored to the comfort of the customer, and ensures the delivery of the highest quality products and services.

We have introduced modern models and business processes for project development and implementation. As a result, the efficiency of the company has increased significantly.

As for 2020 it turned out to be quite extraordinary due to the situation in the world, however, the company managed to adapt to the extremely difficult conditions in the shortest possible time by fully maintaining jobs for its employees.

In fact, we have continued to work smoothly in key areas. For example, providing full service to contractors. The company's reputation in the market and the already well-deserved trust have allowed us to continue negotiations in the current difficult situation (COVID 19) and sign new important agreements.

Congratulations on winning the Golden Brand award. In your opinion, why did experts name TEG Lift their favorite company?

This award means a lot for each and every employee in our company.

First of all, it means a huge responsibility towards society. It means the constant pursuit of professional perfection and contributing to the development of our country’s engineering field.

TEG Lift was established in 2007. Since the foundation of the company, the aim of each team member has been to bring innovations and to design elevators and escalators tailored to customers’ needs. TEG Lift is a company which works individually on each project and creates maximum comfort for our partners.

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